Six things you should be getting from your PR Agency

June 13, 2018By Elaine ParsonsFeatured, News

Sometimes when companies engage a PR Agency, they don’t quite know what they should expect to receive. Clients often come to agencies looking for front-page coverage but ultimately, you should be getting more than column inches from any agency worth their salt. The top six things you should expect to get from your PR agency … Read More

Welcome Darragh!

April 25, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

We are delighted to welcome Darragh McGirr to his new role as Account Executive with Alice PR. Darragh started out in Alice PR as an intern while completing a postgraduate diploma in public relations with the Fitzwilliam Institute. Having worked in the events industry in project management, sponsorship and hospitality roles, he has now found … Read More

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap – The Women’s Podcast

April 12, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

Women in the workplace, the gender pay gap and how returning from maternity leave can be improved, were some of the topics raised at a panel discussion to support the annual Dress for Success International Women’s Day campaign with eir and The Irish Times Women’s Podcast. Dress for Success Dublin supports women by providing the clothing, … Read More

Is the press release dead?

March 28, 2018By Elaine ParsonsFeatured, News

Here at Alice PR, we’re joining the debate on if that stalwart of media relations, the press release, is still relevant in the age of social media when we receive news as it happen and often, directly from the source. In recent weeks, we’ve been looking at how to achieve winning photocalls, and keeping up with … Read More

Six Tips for an Effective Photocall

March 14, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

The day after a photocall, there’s nothing quite like waking up to find that the photos have landed and even better when it’s a front page. Here at Alice PR, we have organised hundreds of photocalls for our clients to launch campaigns and events. We know that a good photograph can make all the difference … Read More

Alice PR & International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

Being an almost all-woman team here at Alice PR (hi Darragh!), we’re all very excited to be celebrating International Women’s Day with our clients today. We’re heading to various events across the city and we’re delighted to shout about them in our latest blog. Dress for Success International Women’s Day campaign First off, Martina, Holly … Read More

Five Apps PR Professionals Can’t Live Without

February 28, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

As PR professionals, we’re rarely without our smartphones. There are some fantastic apps out there that make our jobs a bit easier – here’s our top five apps that we can’t live without. Instagram: With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is an obvious choice. It’s our favourite for staying in touch with bloggers … Read More

Alice PR – Internet Safety for Teenagers

February 15, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

At Alice PR we are delighted to welcome guest blogger Ana Milicevic, a Transition Year student from Lucan Community College. Ana is blogging on the subject of online safety for teenagers – a subject that has been highlighted in Ireland in the last few weeks following the implementation of ‘Operation Ketch‘ by the Gardai. Ana … Read More