Dublin’s Greatest Destinations, Must-Eats, Front-Page Features, Oh My! Here’s #WhatTickledAlice

June 29, 2018By Martina QuinnFeatured, News

Another Friday has come around already, and with it comes another edition of #WhatTickledAlice this week. Stay tuned for recommendations of Dublin’s greatest destinations, must-eats, and front-page features, oh my!   Out and About: -Our very own Elaine spent her weekend cleaning up after messy fellow heatwave beachgoers—and made the front page of her local … Read More

Midsummer Moments – Alice PR’s Highlights of 2018

June 21, 2018By Elaine ParsonsFeatured, News

Midsummer is here and so far, 2018 has been a year of incredible highs for Alice PR. From our unforgettable work with Together for Yes on repealing the 8th amendment to welcoming our account executive Darragh to the team to Martina’s wedding, we’re looking back at our highlights of 2018 to date. Martina: Managing the launch … Read More

Six things you should be getting from your PR Agency

June 13, 2018By Elaine ParsonsFeatured, News

Sometimes when companies engage a PR Agency, they don’t quite know what they should expect to receive. Clients often come to agencies looking for front-page coverage but ultimately, you should be getting more than column inches from any agency worth their salt. The top six things you should expect to get from your PR agency … Read More

Donegal, R&R, and the best of Dublin’s culture

June 8, 2018By Martina QuinnNews

This Friday, here at #TeamAlice we are back to give you the top recommendations from our week’s outings of the best of Dublin’s culture. This week, we have our newest intern Bri’s first look at Dublin’s culture, Niamh moving house, Darragh dashing to Donegal, Emily being sporty (per usual) and Martina making the most of … Read More

On referendum day, here’s #WhatTickledAlice

May 25, 2018By Martina QuinnNews

Today is no ordinary Friday. As the country goes to the polls to vote on the Eighth Amendment, for this week’s #WhatTickledAlice we’ll be looking at the moments from the Together for Yes campaign that have touched #TeamAlice most. #TeamAlice began working with The Coalition to Repeal the 8th in 2016 and have worked with … Read More

Moving into the RHK, vegan festival fare and rom-com escapism.

May 18, 2018By Martina QuinnNews

It’s been a whirl wind seven days for #TeamAlice, with WellFest at the weekend, travelling the country to give PR training and the all the excitement finally coming to a head for MD Martina’s wedding! As always, we’re bringing you the highlights of our travels and this week’s recommendations. Here’s #WhatTickledAlice. #TeamAlice essentially moved into … Read More

Top PR blogs you need to be reading!

May 10, 2018By Elaine ParsonsNews

Between launches, press releases, measuring social media metrics and constant updates to media lists, it can be difficult for PR professionals to keep up with this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. In this week’s blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best PR blogs for you to read or podcasts for you to listen to on your … Read More