This Summer we worked alongside the Higher Education Authority (HEA) on the advertising and marketing campaign for the 2016 Springboard+ initiative.

This campaign involved two phases. Phase one included advertising, marketing and event management for the Springboard+ information days, that took place in Dublin and Cork. Phase two included general advertising and marketing for the Springboard+ initiative after the information days.

It was a really exciting campaign for all of us here at Alice who worked on it as there was so many different elements to it.

For the adverts, we came up with a very simple design that captured your attention straight away. This was achieved by using three people, who had participated in the Springboard+ initiative before, as the main focal points. There were three variations of the advert, one for each person. Then we added simple text that explained who Springboard+ was aimed at and what it can do for those people.

These elements included:


We ran outdoor posters for both phases of the campaign, with the help of Irish Poster Advertising Ltd. The posters were put up in Dublin and Cork and advertised the Springboard+ Information Days, and when they were over, then advertised Springboard+ generally.

Springboard IPA adverts in Cork City


In conjunction with the Irish Independent, we put together a 20-page supplement that went out with every copy of the Independent on Tuesday, 4th August. The supplement contained: information on all the courses available under the Springboard+ programme, case studies of people who have undertaken a Springboard+ course, comments from industry leaders in areas that Springboard+ offer courses in and a message from the Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton.

 Springboard Supplement Pages


We booked, designed and organised production for radio advertisements that ran during both phases of the Springboard+ campaign. We contacted multiple radio stations, both nationally and regionally, to get prices for the proposed campaign. After presenting these prices to the HEA, and deciding which radio stations to target, we went ahead and secured spots on eight radio stations throughout Ireland. These stations included: TodayFM, Spin 103.8, Red FM and Midlands Radio. You can listen to the radio advertisements on our SoundCloud channel.

We also secured some flyering thanks to Spin 103.8. Their ‘Spinis’ handed out flyers that we got made on Henry Street one busy Saturday afternoon.

 Spin 103.8 Spinis handing out Springboard+ flyers on Henry Street


Print advertising wasn’t a big focus for this campaign. However, we did take out advertisements in the Cork Independent newspaper. The advertisements ran for a two-week period during phase one of the campaign.

Springboard+ Ad in Cork Independent


With the help of Clear Channel Ireland, we secured outdoor bus shelter advertisements as part of the campaign. The advertisements ran during phase two of the campaign and were located on 40 bus shelters throughout Dublin City Centre in specially chosen areas.


When it came to online advertising, we focused on promoted Facebook posts. In total, we promoted five posts from the Springboard Courses Facebook page; all of which reached upwards of 35,000 accounts, some reaching 50,000.

Springboard+ Promoted Facebook Post**SPECIAL MENTION**
For the Dublin and Cork information days we got Springboard+ branded t-shirts made for Alice and HEA staff to wear. They were made in under 24 hours, thanks to Read’s of Nassau Street!

Springboard+ team in their branded t-shirts at the Dublin Information Day


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