SCOOP Foundation

SCOOP Foundation’s mission is to provide support, education and training opportunities to displaced young people in Ireland and aboard, As a response to the pandemic, they started a PPE campaign sourcing and delivering PPE gear for homelessness services, Direct Provision Centres & Nursing Homes. The SCOOP Foundation, which stands for ‘Supporting Children Out Of Poverty’, was set up in 2009 by Irish brothers Andy and Calvin Sweeney. Currently operating in the Middle East and at home here in Ireland, SCOOP believes in supporting and educating the next generation, especially young people at home and abroad who are suffering through no fault of their own.

2021 sees the continued development of SCOOP Ed in Direct Provision Centres in Ireland and in Bajed Kandala Displacement Camp in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Alice is providing PR support during 2021.

SCOOP Foundation PPE drive

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