Campaigning on Migration: Expert Tips

July 19, 2016By Martina QuinnNews

Our Managing Director, Martina Quinn, attended a workshop on ‘Campaigning on Migration’ yesterday, as part of The Road to Marriage Equality summer school.  Here, she shares what she learned…  The Road to Marriage Equality summer school is aimed at giving non-profit organisations from across Europe a master class in campaigning and influencing social change.  Yesterday, I went along … Read More

Spooktacular ScreamVention! 👻

July 7, 2016By John SmithNews

Earlier this year we got to work on one of the most fun events we’ve worked on so far – ScreamVention! 👻 ScreamVention is Ireland’s first ever horror convention. The convention showcases artists and products from the horror genre, shows spine-tingling movies and allows fans to meet some of their favourite horror movie stars. We launched the … Read More

We’ve got Pride here at Alice!

July 7, 2016By John SmithNews

Last month we were on hand to help the LGBT Helpline launch their mental health campaign, It’s Good to Talk, in partnership with leading telecommunications firm eir for Dublin Pride 2016! To coincide with Pride 2016, the LGBT Helpline and eir joined forces on the mental health campaign to promote the Helpline’s range of confidential support services … Read More

What Makes a Good Photocall? A Case Study

July 7, 2016By John SmithCase Studies, News

In June, we were tasked with helping the Williams Syndrome Association of Ireland (WSAI) launch the 2016 European Youth Exchange, that was taking place in the University of Limerick. Together, we all decided it would be a good idea to hold a photocall to launch the event, that was taking place in Ireland for the … Read More

How to Explain Your Job to Your Parents

July 5, 2016By Martina QuinnNews

“No, I get that you do ‘public relations’ but what do you actually do?”. If you’ve ever worked in public relations, advertising, social media management, you name it, you’ve probably heard these words from your folks back home or any other peer/friend who just doesn’t understand what the heck you do all day. As frustrated as … Read More

Marketing to “Millennials” – is it really worth the hassle?

July 5, 2016By Martina QuinnNews

The definition of a millennial is “a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000” However, according to different sources ranging from Howe and Strauss, Iconoclast, Newsweek magazine, The New York TImes and Time magazine, millennials were born anywhere from 1977 to 2000 – which surpasses those who typically fell into generation Y and who … Read More

Branding on a Budget

July 4, 2016By Martina QuinnNews

Branding: the act of personalizing you in a way that you want others to see you. This can be done in so many different ways, from social media, online presences, down to the color and shape of a business card or the candle in the corner of the office. Branding is specific and branding is … Read More

Making Your Advertising Campaign Stand Out

July 4, 2016By Martina QuinnNews

Tips for a successful advertising campaign You’ve seen advertisements before that try to sell you the “best stuff” of whichever type of product, whether it’s a cleaning supply, dog food, or your favorite running shoe. Those types of advertisements may work for some, but most of the time you will discover that they only end … Read More