At Alice PR, one of the projects we are most proud to work on is WorkEqual – a campaign that aims to raise awareness of workplace gender inequalities and related issues, and develop solutions to address these.

We worked with the Dress for Success Dublin (DfSD) charity five years ago to develop the concept for the campaign and we have managed it, on behalf of DfSD, ever since.

WorkEqual centres around a month of activities and events each November, and – over the past five years – has gradually built up cross-sectoral support amongst Irish workplaces, politicians, policymakers and civil society. SOLAS and Permanent TSB are the headline sponsors of the campaign.

Last year, we held the inaugural WorkEqual national conference (for which we won ‘Best PR Event’ at the 2020 Awards for Excellence in PR). We have also worked with DfSD to establish a WorkEqual Oireachtas All-Party Group and, in 2018, held a successful study visit to the European Parliament, where we briefed MEPs and European policymakers on the campaign.

The Solutions Series 

In light of Covid-19, we obviously can’t hold a major physical event this year so, instead, we’re working with DfSD to run a series of WorkEqual online panel discussions throughout the month of November – all branded under the heading of ‘The Solutions Series’.

At last year’s conference, delegates identified five key themes that need to be addressed to achieve workplace gender equality:

  1. Gender stereotyping across society – including in our education system, in the media and advertising, and within workplaces.
  2. The gender pay gap – in particular, a lack of understanding of why calculating the gender pay gap matters, and what factors contribute to it.
  3. A lack of flexible work options.
  4. The unequal burden of caring duties (including childcare) that falls on women.
  5. The need for more women in positions of leadership.

Each discussion in ‘The Solutions Series’ will focus on one of the above themes. We have lined up an amazing array of speakers – from Ireland, Iceland, the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand – to share their views and wisdom, and to brainstorm on what’s needed to ensure Irish workplaces prioritise and progress gender equality.

All panel discussions in ‘The Solutions Series’ are free to attend, and you can register now on Eventbrite.

Equal Pay Day

As part of the WorkEqual campaign, DfSD marks Equal Pay Day each year. Equal Pay Day is the day on which women in Ireland effectively stop earning, relative to men, because of the gender pay gap.

This year, due to Ireland’s current pay gap of 14.4%, Equal Pay Day falls on Monday, 9th November 2020.

Show your support for the WorkEqual campaign by joining the conversation on social media that day, using the hashtag #WorkEqual. And find out more about all aspects of the campaign over on

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