At the end of a wonderful two months of hard work, dedication and lots of laughs, we’re sadly saying goodbye to our two fabulous interns Brianna and Katie. Before they finish they are taking a look back at their time here in Dublin and their PR Internship at Alice PR and Events. 


Briana Lowder PBrianna Lowder – A Look Back on my PR Internship with Alice PR & Events

And just like that, my time at Alice PR has come to an end.

I must say, when I first stepped foot out of the plane two months ago, I did not know what to expect during my time abroad. Before my trip, I barely researched Dublin, let alone Ireland, because I wanted to experience the country for all that it has to offer without any expectations. And I must say, between studying abroad and working 20 hours a week, my time working alongside #TeamAlice has by far been the best part.

Interning at Alice PR brought different experiences, each day in the office being different from the last. Whether it be working on an ad campaign, searching different media outlets for coverage or updating social media accounts, every task was a learning experience. If I didn’t get it quite right the first time, #TeamAlice was there to help all along the way!

Working in such a warm, friendly environment has made my experience better than I could have ever expected. I’ve learned so much about how a boutique public relations agency operates and the importance of client relationships. As a marketing and advertising major, public relations was somewhat new to me. But after being immersed in the company culture, I think it’s safe to say… I’m in love! So much so that I have come to the conclusion that – some way, somehow – I’m going to include PR in my career aspirations.

This summer was the first time I was away from home for such a long time by myself. The first few weeks, I was so homesick and was calling everyone back home all the time. But, as the weeks went by, I became more comfortable with my routine and started developing real relationships with everyone in my programme and in the office. Looking back, if I were presented with this opportunity again, I wouldn’t be able to pack my bags fast enough!

I’m so grateful for being able to take a giant leap outside of my comfort zone in a completely different country. This experience has allowed me to step outside of my four walls and experience Irish culture and a totally new perspective. Studying and interning abroad has left me with memories and experiences to last a lifetime. From the morning walks along the River Liffey to the pub crawls and delicious food that has caused my waist to expand!

My PR internship at Alice PR has taught me so much about the PR field. I have been able to apply theory to real-life clients, and I feel as though I have grown so much as a person and professional. I cannot think of a better way to have spent my summer, and I know that interning at Alice PR is the best decision I could have ever made. From the bottom of my heart: thank you #TeamAlice – for everything!


Katie Davis PhotoKatie Davis – A Look Back on my PR Internship with Alice PR & Events

When I accepted the offer to work in Dublin this summer with Alice PR & Events, I felt a range of emotions. I had never been outside of America before, so I was nervous. This was my first internship truly immersed in the world of PR, and would test my passion for it, which made me excited. However, in the ups and downs of the past eight weeks, I have been falling head over heels for this city, and I never want to go back home.

At first, the city overwhelmed me by how busy it was, but now I have learned how to navigate my way around like a true pro. Last weekend, I travelled to Amsterdam and found myself missing Dublin more than I would like to admit.

This internship has taught me more about myself and my skills, in and out of the office, in ways I never thought were possible. In the office, I have begun to learn how to manage my time effectively throughout the day, and how to work five days a week without getting too burnt out. My previous jobs were always done working mostly from home, so I got to experience a whole new office environment. I think everyone here at Alice loves our open office layout, which makes conversation easy.

Through my PR internship at Alice, I’ve been able to explore places outside of the office as well, like the Little Museum of Dublin, the National Botanic Gardens, Twitter HQ for a Women for Election seminar, and Leinster House for a Dress for Success Dublin event. These spots truly helped me see more hidden but important parts of Dublin that the average tourist might never have a chance to visit.

I think the most important parts of this internship have taught me, at the core, that I am in the right profession. The thrill I get from seeing clients mentioned in the paper or seeing an event run seamlessly is unmatched, and I am just the intern! When I start actually handling entire clients, I will get the full experience of loving my job just as all my colleagues here at Alice PR & Events do.

The best part about working at a boutique firm is that everything I was asked to do wasn’t just simply busy work. Everything I do is important to the client, which is what I love.

I cannot thank Alice enough for all of the memories they have given me over the past eight weeks. They have helped me make Dublin feel like home and have helped me realise that I can build a life for myself anywhere in the world.

I will remember this summer as one of the best of my life, and I am so happy to have shared it all with you.

Thank you to both Bri and Katie for all of your dedication and willingness to jump into anything! We hope you have enjoyed being here as much as we have enjoyed having you both, as fully fledged members of #TeamAlice! 

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