Well things are gearing-up for Christmas here at Alice PR! Christmas FM is on the radio since it launched on Monday and Elaine and Ciara have been participating in the 8:30am Christmas cheer every morning on the school run! We are even considering an office screening of the Christmas episode of Gavin and Stacey. Ciara has the tree and decorations up and the Christmas lights have been going up around the country.

Alice PR, ChristmasWe’ve been keeping busy with our clients in the Irish Research Council and The Immigrant Council Of Ireland. Martina took part in the AIB Start-Up Academy Bootcamp, Niamh and Emily headed to a Google breakfast briefing, and we’ve been working with the LGBT Helpline on their new LGBT Connaught Guide which is launching today!

On the plate:

Ciara was in Wexford at the weekend. She was very impressed by the vintage style tearoom ‘Button and Spoon’ in Bridgetown while Emily was at the Eatyard beside the Bernard Shaw and had a Boxburger for the very first time – delish!

Martina took herself off to Druid’s Glen hotel for coffee & snacks. Seemingly it was looking particularly well for Christmas – candles in lanterns on the way in; sled and reindeer greeting you in the lobby; and lots of beautiful wreaths & trees, all in very cosy, rustic surroundings. Sounds perfect!i-didnt-take-any-pics-but-i-took-this-from-their-instagram-if-you-want-to-use-it-and-credit-them

Martina also had dinner at Delahunt – we’re all looking forward to returning soon for our staff Christmas outing! She also dined in ‘Fish’, in the recently revamped Twelveth Lock boutique hotel near Blanchardstown. Yummy fresh seafood washed down with lovely white wine.

On the screen:

Emily and friends were surprised and amused in equal measure while tuning in to ‘Stetsons  and Stilettos’ on RTE One. She was not aware of the extent of the country music scene in Ireland!

Ciara was glued to Christmas films for the weekend and got through Home Alone (1 and 2!) and The Grinch and everyone in Alice (and Ireland!) is very excited about The Late Late Toy Show on Friday!

Who could ever forget this moment from the show in 2014 when Ed Sheeran surprised a fan by turning up to duet with her? Already a classic TV moment, it’d bring a tear to a glass eye!

Out and about:

Emily in a moment of madness took herself off to Ikea. On a Sunday evening. On the run-up to Christmas. She was disappointed with their Christmas selection while Elaine was impressed with her stamina!

Eva is heading to the Craft Fair with her Mum (Christmas tradition!) and checking out Sova Vegan Butcher with the family. We can’t wait to hear all about it!Sealife, Alice PR

Martina was entertaining guests from London over the weekend and they headed to Sea Life in Bray on Saturday – she was never there before, but thought it was very impressive – really friendly & informative staff & a great day out for kids.

Martina and Emily were down in Shannon for a client meeting this week and took time to admire how well the countryside is looking. Niamh was at home in Carlow and also noticed how lovely it is out there while Elaine took a stroll on Brittas Bay beach. Winter hasn’t stripped the trees of their leaves just yet and the place is looking pretty spectacular. So get out there and enjoy this beautiful dry, crisp weather!

On the headphones:

Both Emily and Niamh have started listening to podcasts last weekends, Emily listened to The Allusionist which is about the origin of various words and she also tuned in to one about a very bold word which is NSFW but was very entertaining! Niamh listened to a great one called ‘Lost in a Cab’ by Reply All and really enjoyed it!

On the Page:

Eva hosted her first book club this week and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ was the book of choice. We’re on the edge of our seat to find out who dunnit and how it all went!rte guide, alice pr

There has been an on-going debate on the airwaves, in the office and spilling in to homes as to the relevance of the RTE Guide and its place in Irish Christmas tradition. For Elaine, Emily and Martina, it is a must. The bumper edition marks the beginning of Christmas (publication date for 2016 is 5th December!), and we have our red markers at the ready to mark what we want to watch over the season. Surely we can’t be alone? Is the RTE Guide central to your Christmas? Let us know in comments below!

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