We’re almost there, rounding the corner of January! We’ve done pretty well and the selection boxes are well and truly finished and Christmas trees recycled.

We’ve been super busy, and we’ve lots of new projects and work with interesting clients coming up so watch this space! In our own time though, we’ve been blowing off the cobwebs and getting back into the swing of things.

Out and about:

In keeping with our previous blog, Emily is thinking about doing a triathlon later this year and with this in mind, upgraded and bought herself a road bike at the weekend. She feels like a real pro now and took herself off to Howth on Sunday morning, along with all the MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra)!

JanuaryMartina spent the weekend in Wexford, enjoying strolls on the beach, much needed and well deserved spa treatments at the lovely Seafield  Hotel and exploring Wells House outside Gorey. It’s a fabulous old country house (dating back to Cromwellian land grabs) with beautiful gardens with Gruffalo and fairy trails, and a petting farm, and playground.January, Gruffalo

Niamh went to see JoJo on Sunday night in the Academy. Though not a big fan and not expecting much as she really only knows her two big hits, it was surprisingly great! She’s quite the diva and very entertaining. (Elaine had to Google her and she still feels none-the-wiser!)

On the plate:

Ciara met a friend for a hot chocolate in The Green Door Market in Dublin 8. The little corner had plenty of toys and old sofas and dining tables to make themselves at home. Sounds like an ideal escape on a cold January weekend!

Following on from last week, Elaine is keeping her promise to do a new dish each week and this week she did two! First up was a rack of lamb, and with the leftovers, she made a very delicious lamb biryani. Yum!

On the screen:

Niamh and Emily both went to see ‘La La Land’ last weekend and both loved it. They said it was a very much a “feel good” film, which is perfect for January. Niamh has had the playlist on repeat since seeing it but did feel a little bit betrayed by the ending, but she’s not saying any more. Interesting!

Martina got to see ‘Manchester By The Sea’ which Casey Affleck won his Golden Globe for a few weeks ago. In the film, Affleck’s character, Lee, has been named guardian to his 16-year-old nephew. While he doubts his ability to raise a teenager, his return to the past re-opens an unspeakable tragedy. It’s an excellent film but a stiff drink is required…or maybe go to see La La Land immediately afterwards!

Dancing With The Stars is still top of the Alice TV list, and despite #TanGate, we’re all looking forward to seeing who the first to go will be. Fingers crossed for Des to get through!

On the page:

Ciara just finished ‘The Rosie Project’ which she described as a gentle start to her ‘less phone, more books’ resolution. Well done Ciara! Inspired by Martina’s visit to Wells House, she’s been revisiting the very first book she got for her son Jack, now held together with love and sellotape! Awww! January, Gruffalo

Eva is reading Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh in anticipation of Trainspotting 2. It’s taking her back to her college days when she lived in Edinburgh. She loves the writing style and how you can really hear the Leith accent coming off the page. It’s also very nostalgic revisiting her old neighbourhoods.


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