‘And all at once, summer collapsed into fall’ – Oscar Wilde

Much like the great Wilde wrote, the staff here at Alice have noticed fall’s sudden emergence and are enjoying the autumn atmosphere here in Dublin with friends, family, and, of course, an abundance of recommendations on just about everything. Read on to find out #WhatTickledAlice this week.

On the Page

This week, Martina flew through ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman. If you’re one of the few people left who hasn’t yet read this book, she highly recommends it. It makes you think about the day-to-day judgements we make about people who don’t fit into our own perception of “normal” and how we could all do to be a bit nicer and always more empathetic.

Emily recently read Emilie Pine’s ‘Notes to Self’, a series of personal essays by the author dealing with addiction, fertility, loss, and love. A beautiful book and arresting at times, one of this week’s top recommendations. She’s now reading ‘Survival on the Killing Fields’, about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia and is proving to be a tough but fascinating read.

On the Screen

Niamh has been watching The Rotunda on RTE2 – a fly on the wall documentary series on the Dublin maternity hospital. She warns it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are lots of fab Dublin characters and some seriously adorable babies.

Thanks to a couple of long-distance flights, Emily managed to watch a heap of films as of late. A highlight was ‘Chappaquiddick’ which portrays the incident on Chappaquiddick island when Senator Ted Kennedy drove a car off a bridge with a female friend inside, who subsequently died. It was fascinating watching the attitudes of his group of advisors toward Mary Jo Kopechne’s death and how all the details of the person she was (she worked on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign) were completely forgotten about.

On Tuesday, Kendall went to the cinema to see the latest horror flick ‘The Nun’. Relying heavily on its skin crawling sound track and predictable jump scares, she says it was disappointingly mild compared to the other conjuring films, despite its promising lead.

On the Plate

Last Saturday, Emily checked out Legit‘s new opening on the northside (near Phibsborough – the hippest spot in Dublin, don’t ya know!) She thoroughly enjoyed the delicious bites and one of our newest recommendations for a tasty brunch venue or for a quick coffee and cake on the go.

Out and About

The highlight of Martina’s week was reliving her teen years at Féile Classical in her hometown of Thurles last weekend. Twenty-one years since she last graced Féile with her presence, she was back in Semple Stadium, happily singing along to The Stunning, The Four of Us, Jerry Fish, Tom Dunne & more. It was a brilliant weekend – a complete nostalgia fest, made better by the fact that everyone she knows seemed to have attended the gig. While home, Martina also got to meet her family’s new puppy, Tiger. Needless to say, she’s smitten.

Meanwhile, Kendall visited the coastal town of Howth last weekend and was charmed by its gorgeous hiking trails ‘straight out of a Lord of the Rings film’, quaint farmers market full of home baked goodies and local art, and the welcoming village atmosphere. She couldn’t recommend it more.

Darragh was back at Thursday Lates at the National Gallery for this month’s Brazilian themed evening. There was great music and Brazilian cocktails served in the courtyard accompanied by dance performances all throughout the evening. The event was themed to coincide with the new temporary exhibition Curious Creatures: Frans Post and Brazil. Definitely worth checking out.

That’s it for this week’s #WhatTickledAlice. Have you been anywhere new recently? We would love to hear about your last week or any of your comments and recommendations in the comment section below.

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