So, it’s the 8th of December and we feel like we should be having a day off and heading in to town to start the Christmas shopping as was tradition back in the day! All this got us thinking about our own traditions and things that mark the season in a special way for us.

dsc_0414All the Alice Christmas trees are up and looking splendid but when Elaine was small, Santa used to bring the Christmas tree with all the presents on Christmas Eve, which made Christmas morning super special. One of Ciara’s special memories was of receiving a box with a ski suit inside and a ski trip to Lapland to follow six weeks later. It was a once in a lifetime holiday and they saw Northern Lights, had a ride on a snow mobile and a husky sled across a frozen lake!

For some, the arrival of Christmas means movies and special episodes of your favourite show, settling in with a box of Quality Street or Roses (Quality Street being the office favourite – with a few rogue suggestions of Celebrations and Scots Clan?!). There has been much debate in the office recently about essential Christmas viewing, some very traditional and some not so much but here are the top five films:

Christmas Movies:

5. The Muppets Christmas Carol

4. Home Alone

3. Love Actually

2. Elf

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

You really cannot beat that scene in ‘Love Actually’ where Emma Thompson receives what she thinks is a piece of jewellery from Alan Rickman, or the dancing Prime Minister or when he goes to find Natalie and ends up singing carols on the doorstep:

And there is nothing like driving to do Christmas shopping with your favourite festive songs on full blast in the car as you go. We did a quick poll and can reveal that this is our top three:

Christmas Songs:

3. The Little Drummer Boy – Bing & Bowie / Oh Holy Night

2. Fairytale of New York – The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl

1. Last Christmas – Wham

Have your say – tell us what your stand-out Christmas memories are or vote for your favourite Christmas movies or songs are in our poll:

  1. Christmas Movies Poll:
  2. Christmas Songs Poll:

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