As those of you who follow #TeamAlice on social media may be aware, our very own Eva Dowling, Business Strategy Director and Senior Account Manager at Alice, was standing in the local elections this month.

Eva DowlingEva has been a long-time Green Party activist, and has managed and been involved in many political campaigns over the years. However, this was her first outing as an election candidate herself.

While the members of #TeamAlice hold diverse political views – with some heavily involved in party politics, some floating voters, and others declaring themselves apolitical – we were delighted to support Eva’s election campaign in recent months.

In the local elections last Friday, Eva stood in the Stillorgan ward for Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. We are thrilled to report she turned in an excellent performance, securing 2,270 first-preference votes to be deemed elected on the first count.

Eva Dowling 2
Cllr. Eva Dowling moving from behind the scenes to in front of the camera on Claire Byrne Live

We are biased, of course. But we know Eva is a woman of huge integrity and is deeply committed to proactive, progressive public service. She will be an excellent County Councillor.

We wish Eva Dowling every success in this role – and huge congratulations on her success in the local elections. Go Eva!

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