Our ‘Top Tips’ series continues. We’ve written previously about top tips for creating great video and marketing campaigns, achieving work / life balance, and nailing photocalls. This week we’re turning our attention to creating great content.

Take the reins:

Nobody knows your business like you do. You’re your own expert. So write with confidence and share your opinions on your industry. People like to hear your expertise as well as how you face challenges and deal with them. Honesty is the best policy! Read this article about being completely honest about your company.

Create “evergreen” content:

It’s another terrible buzzword but the message is important – create content that doesn’t date. You’ll always have a bank of fresh content to share, it’s always relevant and you drive more traffic to your site as people begin to reference you in their own blogs and sites. You can re-purpose content so it’s always relevant to a new situation or story.

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Mix it up:

People have short attention spans. They don’t necessarily have the time to read through a blog but they might have a few minutes between meetings or on their morning commute to tune into a podcast, watch a short video or look at the key figures in an infographic. Get to grips with live streaming on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, play around with some video or start a podcast. In a poll conducted by GoGlobe.com, 80% of participants said they would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post.

Write appropriately for your audience:

Every audience has different expectations. If you are writing for law, use appropriately formal language. If you are in the tourism industry and you want to attract more customers, create engaging video content instead of writing a blog, and film it in a way that is appropriate to your audience. Content creation is not a ‘one size fits all’ thing.

You don’t have to be a storyteller:

You don’t have to be a storyteller to tell your story. You know your brand, you know your audience – you don’t have to create epic narratives to tell people what you’re about or to share insights. Strip it back, tell them what you know – plain and simple!


As well as writing for your target audience, you’re also writing for SEO. Top tips for good SEO include finding the right keywords, paying attention to getting your title spot-on, use H1 & H2, and filling out things like alt tags on your images and meta descriptions.

Keep an eye on our blog for further tips on improving SEO, PR FAQs and our continuing ‘Top Tips’ series.

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