Graphics, photos, videos — visuals are a great way to grab someone’s attention. Here are just a few reasons why it’s better to have engaging visuals included in an article or blog post:

  • The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes to decode text, according to the SAGE Handbook of Political Communication.
  • By adding visual and engaging elements to a post, it generates up to 94% more views
  • Views can jump up by 48% is they contain photos and videos

But with that said, not everyone can make fancy graphics and edit video like a pro. There are numerous websites and online tools that can make developing engaging visuals easy even if you aren’t using a professional software like the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Don’t let valuable information your readers should know about get lost simply because they don’t feel like reading a paragraph.

Here are just a few of the top visual-creating websites you can use to boost your audience’s interest and engagement in articles.


With an easy-to-use interface and template designs, Canva is a quick way to create engaging visuals and graphics for a blog or even social media. Whether it’s a blog cover, a poster design or an infographic, Canva is easy to navigate for everyone.

Desserts graphic highlighting what a Canva graphic can look like

This infographic above is a basic design that was put together in 10 minutes. The blog cover for this post was created in 5 minutes. If you want a simple way to engage your audience with graphics, Canva is the way to go.


Editing photos doesn’t require a subscription to Photoshop.

PicMonkey is accessible on the desktop to edit photos with basic features extremely similar to Photoshop. No need to spend money on the professional software if you aren’t a professional photographer or designer.

Here you can crop and edit light effects like brightness, shadows, and contrast, or you can add filters among other tools.

Screen shot of PicMonkey editing site

iMovie or Lightworks

iMovie has a simple interface that’s available on any Apple device to edit video. Lightworks is a good option for PC users.

Read this post and watch our video to learn how to use a video editing software and how to create engaging video.


Screen shot of Infogram interface

Infogram lets you quickly create charts and infographics that will help visualize data audiences. It’s a drag-and-drop method with templates for you to set up without a problem.

Screen shot of Infogram examples

Just like Canva, you can create infographics, but Infogram lets you get a little bit more in depth with the information and makes it easy to design the information in a visual way. The templates are a bit more structured so that you can increase the length of the infographic without being limited to a certain length.

Don’t let valuable information your readers should know about get lost simply because they don’t feel like reading a paragraph. Make a visual, and make them notice it.

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