We all had a gorgeous Easter weekend and are happy to be back at work – we’ve a busy few weeks ahead with Culture Date with Dublin 8, Coeliac Society of Ireland, Carmichael Centre, as well as Guaranteed Irish and more!

But first things first – looking back at the past week, we’ve had lots to do (and eat!) and our best bits from the week are:

Out and about:

Martina was in her native Tipp for the Easter break and on Monday climbed the Devil’s Bit, the most famous “mountain” in North Tipp! Although it was a bit misty, she said it was worth it to walk off all the chocolate from the day before! She also enjoyed a birthday party for a four-year-old and multiple Easter egg hunts over the weekend too!

Anne had a wonderfully busy weekend at home in Germany. From the moment she landed in Berlin on Thursday it was jam-packed until she left again on Monday. She enjoyed a nice family BBQ on Friday with and a catch up with her best friends on Saturday when they went out for lunch and had a manicure.

On Easter Sunday she went to her grandparent’s house and took part in an Easter family ‘Eier trudeln’, a German tradition which involves each family member choosing a painted hard-boiled egg and rolling it down a hill, in Anne’s case, the hill is in her grandparents’ garden. The winner is the owner of the egg which isn’t broken at the bottom of the hill. It sounds very sweet and we’re thinking of adopting it here too!

They followed that pursuit with brunch in ‘Waldschlösschen’, a local old castle near a lake – it all sounds perfect to us!

She wrapped up her home visit with lunch and a walk through the beautiful city of Potsdam, her hometown and although she found it hard so say goodbye, we’re delighted to have her back with us for a few more weeks!

Continuing her tour of the country, our other intern Nelly went to Cork for the weekend with her roommate and saw the Blarney Stone and Castle, visited the English Market and Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, and had really nice weather and absolutely loved it all.

Emily also took a trip to Cork but hers was somewhat more leisurely than Nelly’s! She treated herself to a spa day  at the Maryborough Hotel, for her best friend’s birthday. They spent a solid six hours at the spa getting their money’s worth! They had back massages, facials, and lunch too, which you can have in tearooms adjacent to the spa area so they lolled about in their robes for the entire day, sipping prosecco (on Good Friday!) – it sounds like bliss!

From there she went home and enjoyed the company of her sister Anita and her husband and three kids and spent Sunday morning being a busy bunny, hiding eggs, then finding them, then hiding them again, then finding them… it carried over until Monday morning! She also spent time teaching her nephew Conall how to play hurling “properly”, not like those Dubs – she said he’s very good for a five-year-old so watch this space!

Elaine had a busy one with her best school friend visiting last week, almost her entire family descending on Sunday and some staying over, and friends visiting on Monday for a beach stroll to blow off the cobwebs, finish off the pavlova and work off the chocolate eggs! It was great fun from start to finish.

On the plate:

Martina had dinner in Piglet Wine Bar on Cow’s Lane on Thursday night – she said it was a very interesting menu: plates of pasta or very unusual little tapas bites. She tried smoked eel, duck gizzard and a few other little tasty bites. Good atmosphere and wine selection, so it’s worth a look she reckons.

Brandenburg, Anne’s home state in Germany is famous for its asparagus plantations and the season just started so she and her boyfriend bought some and put together this yummy looking typical German asparagus meal but with vegetables instead of schnitzel – it looks amazing!

Anne is also super-excited about rhubarb season and was thrilled when her mum baked her a delicious rhubarb cake, especially for Anne. Aww!

Eva is as ever impressing Team Alice and this week made some homemade potato gnocchi using her Roman landlady’s recipe. And seemingly they turned out perfectly!

Niamh too went home for the Easter weekend and says she spent it eating: Easter eggs, roast dinners and too many desserts. She was trying to behave herself with the half-marathon coming up this weekend so avoided alcohol (where possible!), though it was difficult with family celebrations going on all weekend with her Godfather’s 60th on Saturday night and a family dinner for her aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday!

Emily enjoyed a lovely roast lamb for dinner courtesy of the one and only Brigid Brennan and her numerous desserts. Monday was spent at home, eating again but like Niamh was laying low on the drinking front in preparation for this Sunday!

One from the archives. Elaine – front, right!

For the first time ever Elaine volunteered to cook for her entire family – and it went surprisingly smoothly with some help from sisters, mother and family generally! They gobbled (sorry!) up a delicious turkey from the English Market in Cork, followed by chocolate mouse cake, lemon tart and pavlova and finished the evening with an old school family slideshow, which they all found hilarious!

On the screen:

Martina saw two movies over the Easter break: ‘Free Fire’, which she wouldn’t really recommend on the basis that there’s no real plot to it and she thought it was trying too hard to be like ‘Snatch’ or ‘Pulp Fiction’, but not quite getting there. The other was ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ which she highly recommends as a really sweet, quirky movie from New Zealand.

Anne too saw a less well known film when she had a date night with her boyfriend on Sunday.  They went to see a German film called ‘Tiger Girl’ which had been part of the line-up for the Berlinale 2017.

Eva finally got around to watching ‘Finding Dory’ over the weekend. She was reluctant to give it a go because, as we all know, sequels are hard to get right, but Pixar have a strong track record so she was optimistic and absolutely loved both the story and animation. Phew!

EasterEmily had a lazy night after her spa day and watched ‘Young Offenders’ which was quite apt as they were in Cork. She loved it, and found it hilarious.

Elaine watched the final episode of Broadchurch on Monday. She found the whole thing really unsettling but thought all the actors were amazing and is sad that it’s come to an end.

In the headphones:

Eva finished the ‘S Town’ podcast over the weekend too and is suffering from the void that it has left in her life. Any suggestions for a replacement would be very welcome – please do share your thoughts in our comments section below!

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