Personal branding is when people decide to market themselves and their career as a brand, differentiating themselves from other people. Some people’s brands are more developed than others, but it’s never too late to start working on yours. There are many ways you can develop your personal brand, and if you’re struggling on where to start, our intern Bri has some helpful tips!

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn & YouTube– it’s well known by now that these platforms have taken the world by storm. Social media has become a way of life, so it makes sense to use it to your advantage, and social media is a great way to deliver information to a large audience quickly.

  • To elevate your personal brand, it’s important to develop a unique presence on social media. When creating your social media accounts, consider using the same name / user handle for each of your accounts, for consistency across all platforms.
  • Make a plan about what content you’re going to share across each platform. Will you use your Instagram to give an insight into your personal life, hobbies and interests, or a mix of professional and personal updates? Are there certain topics that you’re particularly passionate about that you want to post regularly about? Develop a plan that sets out what content you will share on each platform, and how often – be wary of oversharing and turning people off.
  • Use your social media profiles to establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise.

Personal style

There are billions of people in the world, but only one of you. So, what sets you apart? What makes you different from the next person? It’s important to find what differentiates you from the competition and to capitalise on it. Identifying your personal style will help you individualise your brand. Researching other people’s brands is helpful when brainstorming about yours.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Pippa O’Connor Ormond transitioned from an Irish model to an entrepreneur working in the ‘mummy market’. This identity has become a part of her brand, and her Instagram correlates with a trendy, high fashion feed with a dash of mummy time.

    Aside from making appearances on ITV’s Love Island, Rob Lipsett works as a personal trainer. His brand screams fit, healthy heartthrob, and as you scroll down his Instagram feed, you’ll find that his personal brand isn’t hard to figure out.

Post workout swims 👐🏼

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Take your brand to the next level by creating a personal website. A personal website gives you the creative freedom to market yourself to the world. Personal websites offer an opportunity for your site to appear on search engines when specific words and phrases are searched. It can also serve as a repository for longer blogs / articles relating to your brand.

Reputation matters

Never lose sight of the fact that brand recognition is just as important as brand association. What do you have to say? More importantly, what do other people have to say about you? Protect your reputation because it is one of the most important elements of your brand. What other people say about you impacts how people perceive you before ever meeting you.

Your network is your net worth

Your network is your net worth. The people that you meet and work with will become essential connections when you least expect it. The more relationships that you create, the further your brand will reach. One way to expand your network is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals of various backgrounds and experiences. Make connections, use the search bar to find groups relating to your area of expertise, and like and share content that’s of relevance to you and your career.

There are so many ways to personalise your page and tell your story, you just have to find what’s best for you!

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