From weddings and ballet to spooky Hallowe’en celebrations, #TeamAlice has had another busy week!

Read on for this week’s recommendations-

Out and about:

Eva had a fab break in Saint Petersburg last week. Among the highlights of the trip was heading along to a chamber opera house to see a modern interpretation of Faust, and also attending a modern pirate ballet in the Mikhailovsky Theatre. Needless to say, we’re all a bit envious!

Niamh had a busy few days at her cousin’s wedding last Thursday in the beautiful Tinakilly House in Wicklow. The family wedding was BRILLIANT, by all accounts! It had been years since her siblings had all been at a wedding together, so it was great craic! There was a fab autumnal theme to the whole day too.

She followed up the family wedding with a trip to Belfast with some friends for the long weekend. Niamh thought it was a great city for a short break – very cool vibe and plenty of good places to eat and drink (always a priority). She also did a black cab tour while we were there. It’s something she always wanted to do and thought it was fascinating! She learned so much, and her taxi man Alan was a real gem!

Ellen spent the weekend relaxing and made a visit to Curracloe beach. It’s her local beach where she spent the majority of each summer when she was younger. It’s lovely for a Sunday stroll and you can grab a hot chocolate to warm up afterwards at the surf shop.

Lizzy celebrated some Hallowe’en spirit by attending the Macnas Parade in Dublin. The street was filled with nautical-themed floats with people dressed in intricate costumes dancing in the crowd. At one point, a woman dressed as a bird came close to dance near Lizzy and her friends. Right in the middle of her dance, the dancer screamed in their faces and gave them quite a fright!

Martina embraced Hallowe’en more enthusiastically than usual this year: She did a night-time hike up to the notorious Hellfire Club in the Dublin Mountains (with Hidden Dublin Tours). Although she was expecting to be terrified, she survived it unscathed!  The guide gave a fascinating history of the place and the site has amazing night-time views of the city below.  The company runs daily tours up to the Hellfire Club and she would highly recommend it.

Martina ended her weekend with a trip to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum in CHQ. She found it interesting, but maybe geared more towards international tourists than people living permanently in Ireland. It is definitely a good place to bring visitors to Dublin, though.

On the plate:

Martina tried delicious fish & chips and kimchi fries from a Korean food stall at the Hallowe’en fair in St. Patrick’s Park, which was on as part of the Bram Stoker festival.  It was really nicely done – the best food she’d ever seen at something like that, with lots of sheltered seating (much-needed, as the weather wasn’t great).

Eva got stuck into the trendy Saint Petersburg food scene where she got to try plenty of Russian vegan delights, and of course, Russian vodka too. The highlight of Russian cuisine? Probably sweetening your tea with jam. That might take a while to catch on here, but she thought it was lovely. 

Louise tried the newly opened Café Parisien in Belfast with a friend for lunch. She had a jambon fromage crepe which was quite nice.  The place has French style décor which she loved and a chilled out atmosphere, along with great views of City Hall. She also went out for a family dinner out last Sunday at Scalinis in Belfast where they all had lovely Italian food and wine. She recommends it as a good place to bring children for an early meal.

Niamh had some great food while she was in Belfast too, including a take on scrambled eggs and bacon made with black beans and chilli oil – delish!

On the screen:

Martina, Niamh and Eva are all stuck into the newest series of the Netflix Original, Stranger Things. Although they’re just a few episodes in, they cannot wait to watch more!

Niamh has also started the classic drama, Gossip Girl…She’s only about 20 years too late for the bandwagon!  She’s loving the outrageous fashion and their ridiculously affluent lifestyles!

Looking forward to:

Our very own Ellen has a very excited weekend ahead with her graduation tomorrow and the Graduation Ball on Saturday. Congratulations Ellen!

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