You say the word ‘heatwave’ in Ireland and plans start being made for barbeques, beaches and all sorts! But, before all that hits at the weekend, we’re looking back at another great week for #TeamAlice.

Out and about:

Emily volunteered with Dublin Cycling Campaign, of which she is a member. They’re holding special events for National Bike Week and Emily represented the campaign on a tour of North Dublin’s community gardens. It was a really enjoyable day which started off at a community garden in Ballymun, then on to Finglas, followed by two in Dublin’s north inner city, before finishing up at ‘Mud Island’ in Fairview.

The majority of the gardens were quite hidden, not immediately obvious to pedestrians, but she said they were all very different, and brilliant! They are lovely spaces where local residents help to maintain the gardens, and those heavily involved have their own little vegetable plots. The one in Ballymun grows their own quinoa and artichokes and she got to taste some Thai basil too which was bursting with flavour! Emily found that the gardens are fostering a really impressive community spirit in some of the more traditionally disadvantaged areas of Dublin, which was inspiring to see.

Check out other events for National Bike Week – it runs until 18th June. On yer bike!

On the plate:

heatwave IrelandMartina went to Pichet for dinner for the first time since it was renovated and particularly liked the cocktail bar at the front. She also sampled a new café in her local Dublin 8. It’s called The Mess Café in Richmond Barracks, which is run by the Green Kitchen, a social enterprise focused on cafes and gardening.  It’s in a beautiful setting and has a simple menu focusing on home grown vegetables – lovely to have all this on her doorstep!

Not quite on the doorstep, but equally as lovely, was Martina’s visit to Greenville last weekend for a gathering to mark the launch of her aunt Denise’s blog, Greenville Style.  It was a great gathering of local artists and craftspeople and they enjoyed a special tasting of White Gypsy Beer, which was yum!

heatwave IrelandElaine went along to Marco Pierre White’s Courtyard Bar & Grill in Donnybrook and really enjoyed it. It was comfy and relaxing and the food, atmosphere and company were all great!

Taking inspiration from Martina’s baking last week, Emily decided to try her hand at making a raspberry upside-down cake and was impressed with the results (if she says so herself!) even managed NOT to eat it in all one go! We may have to host our very own bake-off soon!

Niamh and co got a takeaway from the newly opened HX46 in Rathfarnham. The original one is in Harold’s Cross, which she’s had a few times and really liked. She’s now in their delivery catchment area though …. a total game changer!

Niamh also went along to The Lovely Food Co in Terenure which was tasty, alas she thinks she ordered badly as she suffered from food envy – mainly directed at the people with the eggs benedict. There’s always next time! John treated himself to brunch in Angelina’s, alas he failed to take any pictures. Tut tut, John!

On the screen:

heatwave IrelandCinema:

On John’s recommendation Martina headed along to see Wonder Woman, which was her first cinema outing for a superhero movie in about 20 years! Though she enjoyed it, she found it got a bit too superhero-y towards the end!


Martina watched the first episode of the new series of ‘Orange is the New Black’ this week. She hasn’t had time for a good old binge yet, but is looking forward to it – it’s one of her Netflix favourites and the new series had a suitably gripping start after major drama at the end of the last series! John’s continuing his House of Cards binge.


They shall remain nameless but *some #TeamAlice members are hooked on the new series of Love Island. It’s perfect brain cell-killing TV, which we all need from time to time!Elaine is hooked on ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ with Elizabeth Moss. It is set in a dystopian near-future, where a totalitarian and Christian fundamentalist government rules the former United States and society is organised along a new bible-inspired fanaticism in which women by law are not allowed to work, own property, control money, or read.

On the page:

Emily has started reading ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ by Andrew Wilson, it’s a book on Sylvia Plath, specifically her life before she met Ted Hughes. A lot of her legacy was shaped by Ted as he had control over which of her work was published following her death so this is an examination of the woman before the man! She’s only getting started so watch this space…

Looking forward to…

We’re all looking forward to the predicted mini-heatwave that is supposed to hit Ireland so we’re breaking out the barbecues and Elaine is getting ready for the bumper-to-bumper conditions down Brittas way!

That’s it for ‘What Tickled Alice’ this week – please let us know what you have been up to and if you’ve any recommendations. We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend. From all at #TeamAlice!

heatwave Ireland

*Niamh and Emily!!!

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