From embracing Heritage Week, spending the weekend in Kerry at the Rose of Tralee, Another Love Story festival in Meath, and kayaking on the Liffey, it has been a hectic week for #TeamAlice! We’re all looking forward to a bit of downtime this weekend, but that also means we’re closer to saying goodbye to John, who finishes up here next week! 🙁 

On a brighter note, it’s time for the best part of the week – that’s right, it’s #WhatTickledAlice time! 🙂

Out and about:

Emily had a great weekend at ‘Another Love Story‘ festival. Despite the fact that there’s quite a hipster vibe to it and a lot of notions flying around she has decided that it’s definitely her favourite festival. There are only 600 people at it, it all takes place around Killyon Manor in Meath and its surrounding woods. Highlights included ‘Attention Bébé‘ playing under a canopy followed by ‘Sing Along Social‘ which, she said, was great craic.  But seemingly ‘Saint Sister‘ topped the lot – they played a surprise pop-up gig on the Sunday afternoon. Their music is really mellow so it soothed the soul after two heavy nights!

She said the whole place had a great vibe with art installation in the woods, a shamanic drumming group which everyone was invited to participate in, free Hendrick’s gin cocktails and great food. She also took part in some yoga out on the grass and there were ‘Banter’ talks in the library, Nialler9 recorded an episode of his podcast there, there were pop-up Shakespeare performances – all kinds of everything! It’s an environmentally conscious festival, and while everyone was having the craic there was no one acting the eejit there and it’s incredibly safe! Sounds fab!

Martina has been embracing Heritage Week, beginning with a kayak on the Liffey, and she also headed along to a Banter discussion in the National Print Museum on the “value of nature, wildlife and heritage for all of us”. The kayak trip was lovely – they got to paddle along by the very plush grounds of the Italian Ambassador’s residence; get up close and personal with some herons; and challenged their skills by paddling up the sluice at Lucan (near where Ernest Shackleton’s family had their mill and where, apparently, his grand-niece – or maybe great-grand-niece – still lives!).

Niamh lived out her childhood dream and spent the weekend at the Rose of Tralee in Kerry. Alas, she wasn’t on stage herself (fingers crossed for next year though). She was there to support her friend Claire McManamon, the Southern California Rose. While she didn’t win, she did herself very proud on stage, and by all accounts there was a lot of fan-girling all weekend – at the parade on Saturday, and both nights in The Dome. She was delighted to be able to make it down to Tralee to support Claire and they were all very proud pals watching her on stage!

Eva was eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse on Monday evening, but the pesky clouds got in the way!

On the plate:

Aside from following the roses around, Niamh managed to find a cute place in Tralee called Mary Anne’s Tea Rooms where she enjoyed a very large slice of lemon drizzle cake! The décor was really quaint – sort of like sitting in your granny’s sitting room, but she said the cake was very good. 

Martina went for a lovely family lunch at The Green Hen during the week, and has recently mastered the art of cooking the perfect roast beef. Following the Banter talk, she went to Juniors for a delish ‘pint of prawns’!

There was a good mix of food on offer at Another Love Story, with Emily’s highlight being a poké bowl from Shaka Poké. It’s all the rage don’t you know.

In the headphones:

Martina has been binge-listening to the first series of the Serial podcast. Once again, she’s years behind the rest of the world on this one, but she’s really enjoying it and is just dying to know how the whole case unfolds in the future.

Eva really enjoyed this episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour.  It had a great panel discussion of Stephen King’s work, and the film adaptations based on it.

On the screen:


John binge-watched The Defenders this week – he’d been counting down the days until its release! It’s the fifth Marvel show to air on Netflix – the others (in order) being Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. ‘The Defenders’ brings all the characters from those shows together for a big team-up event, and he says it’s fantastic! While people might think the shows are aimed at children, they’re definitely not and John would urge everyone to watch it – even if you’re one of those who hear the words “comic / superhero” and get turned off. He said if you look beyond that they’re really great.

Aside from desperately trying to spot Niamh in the crowd at the ‘Rose of Tralee’, Emily has started watching ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and really likes it so far, although it’s quite disturbing, but she’s curious to see where it’s going to go.

Niamh had a whole four hour train journey by herself down to Tralee so she managed to watch some Ozark… Despite it being so far-fetched she’s enjoying it so far!


We absolutely love this clip of Wexford school boys talking about local myths and folklore they’ve heard about over the years. It was recorded as part of the project ‘My People –  My Place’ by Michael Fortune in 2015. It’s hilarious and we love how the kid with this sling just can’t keep it together during one of the stories. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh!

Looking forward to:

Martina is looking forward to her local community festival in Kilmainham this weekend. They’ve even been promised a street party on her street on Sunday evening! Elaine can’t wait for the next series of the Great British Bake Off to start, despite the much discussed changes to it!

That’s all from us here at Alice PR & Events this week – let us know what you’ve been up to. We’d love to hear from you!




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