#TeamAlice have been keeping a very low profile this January (we’re all broke after the Christmas festivities!) But here’s some fab recommendations. Check out this week’s #WhatTickledAlice!

Out and About

Emily went to Wicklow on Sunday with some friends for a hike – their New Year’s resolution is “a mountain a month”. She said it’s working well so far as they’re all very broke! They went on a big loop bringing them to the summit of Tonduff mountain and then on to Maulin mountain but they inadvertently went a bit off course so it was pretty tough; they had to cross a river and then the climb up to the top involved scrambling over waist-high gorse bushes! That hadn’t been their plan to say the least! They spotted wild deer roaming around though which was very cool. Emily said the route down is fab – as you pass near Powerscourt waterfall. You can do a shorter and less strenuous version than the one Emily ended up doing which she would definitely recommend for a Sunday walk! Afterwards, they all headed to Johnnie Fox’s pub for the first time – Emily thought it would be tiny but it’s actually massive. She had a really nice chowder and a few pints of Guinness to reward themselves!

On the Plate

Holly, having just moved to Phibsborough, is doing her best to get to know the area…by eating and drinking her way around it (the only way!). Over the weekend, Holly had her first pints and pizza experience in The Back Page which was all kinds of satisfying deliciousness! She then rounded off the weekend with brunch in Two Boys Brew on Sunday afternoon… she now understands the hype – the mushrooms are insane!

Niamh caught up with some college friends and went to Boco – a pizza spot on Bolton Street. It’s actually quite close to the #TeamAlice office so we’re going to keep it in mind for our next outing because according to Niamh, it was delish! Great menus for both drinks and pizza, and they have some starters too! Niamh went for a pizza with prosciutto, blue cheese, rocket and mushrooms. Maybe not in line with her healthy January intentions, but worth it! (She couldn’t even wait to take a photo of the pizza!). Niamh also headed to Dollard and Co. for some brekkie on Saturday morning before getting the train home to Carlow. It was nothing mind-blowing and she thinks her own scrambled eggs are nicer (even if she does say so herself!) but she said it was good – and a handy spot to just grab something if you haven’t loads of time to spare.

On the Screen

Elaine started watching ‘The Wire‘ (about a million years after everyone else!). She had been told it will rival ‘The Soprano’s’ for the best boxset but she thinks it’s pretty slow to start so she will have to wait and see. Elaine also watched ‘La La Land‘ at the weekend and loved it. It’s a perfect “pick-me-up” film and though the ending is slightly disappointing, she had been prepared for it – she heard the rumours but she said it was still very enjoyable and the soundtrack is still spinning around her head!

Martina binge-watched “The End of the F**king World” on Netflix this week and really enjoyed it – she watched it all in one sitting! Dark humour and a great sound-track. Really short episodes (all only 20 minutes) so it’s perfect for evening-time viewing (if, unlike Martina, you can resist the temptation to watch it all in one go!).

Niamh watched another episode of ‘Kiri‘. It’s about a little girl who is in the process of being adopted and is murdered. She said the first episode was a bit slow but it’s gathering a bit of momentum now. Niamh just loves Sarah Harding so she’s going to see it through, even if it’s just for her!

Eva has been watching ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams‘ on Channel 4. They’re short sci-fi stories with an all-star cast (Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, etc.) and if you like Black Mirror, you’ll probably enjoy this show. The episodes can be a bit hit-and-miss, but when they’re good, they’re brilliant! Eva will be heading to the cinema on Friday night to hopefully see ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri‘. She had tried to go see it in the Lighthouse last Saturday but all showings were sold out. It had better be as good as the publicity it is getting!! Eva loves Frances McDormand, so she has high hopes. Check back next week for Eva’s review 😉

In the Headphones

Holly has started listening to the infamous ‘S-Town‘ podcast this week in an attempt to broaden her podcast horizons to include something other than ‘The Guilty Feminist‘, (Niamh had to stop listening to it on the bus because the laughs were too hard to restrain!). Holly is only one episode in to ‘S-Town’ but already completely hooked – created by the same people who produced ‘Serial‘, ‘S-Town’ investigates a teenage murder that may or may not have happened in an obscure Alabama town… not one she will be listening to on her own at night!

On the Page

Holly has finally decided she is emotionally and mentally ready to tackle Eimear McBride’s second novel, ‘The Lesser Bohemians’. It’s a book promising an emotional meltdown (when you’re like Holly!) as McBride conveys the confusion and insecurities of being eighteen and lost in the world through the impressions of a young drama student in 1990s London. She will update us with her review next week!

Looking Forward…

Elaine and her entire family are doing a sea swim at the weekend in aid of oesophageal cancer research. With the snow and ice over the last week, we suspect it’ll be more of a ‘dip’ than a swim but she’ll brave it none-the-less – and wetsuits will be frowned upon! Good luck Elaine!!

That’s all our recommendations for this week, let us know what you’ve been raving about in the comment section below!





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