It’s been a pretty exhausting week here at Alice PR. Everyone’s been working round the clock but we’ve a great sense of achievement and we’re enjoying our downtime all the more!

Out and about:

Ciara took time out to go to see Chris Hadfield in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on Sunday. She said he is a brilliant and incredibly focused person. She loved his attitude that doing well isn’t about luck – it’s about focus and preparation and then when there’s an emergency, all your hard work pays off and you keep calm and get on with it. As she said herself, “I imagine a spacewalk is significantly more stressful than public relations but there are definitely lessons to be learned about staying cool and calm…”

On the plate:

After the show Ciara enjoyed a Cucumber Refresher from HQ on Hanover Quay. It’s the closest she’s getting to a cocktail these days, Ciara is going on maternity leave in 4 weeks! So exciting! downtime

Niamh had a lovely weekend enjoying eating out in Dublin. She tried ‘Gaillot and Gray’ in Clanbrassil St for pizza. Seemingly it’s a good spot for a Friday evening – nice and relaxed and the food is really good! She continued her dining out on Saturday with a ‘WOW Burger’. They’ve just opened up a new place downstairs in Mary’s pub on Wicklow St and while the burger was lovely – Niamh thinks it’s not quite Bunsen standards on the ‘best burgers scale’ but enjoyable all the same.

downtimeElaine is very excited that crème eggs are back but also glad that Lent isn’t too far away!

On the screen:

Even in our downtime, TV and cinema have been off the agenda this week. Between being busy at the office and Elaine painting the sitting room, we’ve been taking full advantage and enjoyed some much needed time away from the screen. However Emily did find some time for a sneaky episode or two of ‘Midsommer Murders’, which is making her feel very nostalgic!

We also checked out this unusual song and video made by Norwegian singer / songwriter ‘The Musical Slave’ aka ‘Norwigi’. It’s about the unlikely friendship she struck-up with a group of horse-riding boys from The Liberties in Dublin’s south inner-city. She was driving her van around Meath Street and reversed into the wall where they stable their horses, and the friendship went from there. She penned the piece ‘No Plan’ about her time with the lads; Branner, Sean, Dano, Dessie and Turbo.

You can check it out here:

On the page:

Elaine treated herself to a copy of Magpie magazine at the weekend – magazines are usually reserved for hairdresser time! Magpie is a new Irish magazine, which it says is a “place for curious creatives”. It’s a good read, with plenty of recommendations and interesting features – and it’s not all Dublin-centric which is what she liked most about it!downtime

What have you been doing in your downtime this week – let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!


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