The June bank holiday is almost upon us and we’re out and about and enjoying ourselves. We, of course, welcomed John back to #TeamAlice this week, we’ve been dining out and doing a bit of binge-watching boxsets! Here’s we’ve been up to over the past week:

Out and about:

June Bank HolidayWe’re all looking out at the grey June skies (where did the sun go?!) and thinking of holiday destinations. Despite the fact that he’s only been back in the office a wet week, John has already booked his flights and accommodation for his trip to Italy in July! Martina, Emily, Niamh and Eva are all looking to this weekend when they’ll head to Forbidden Fruit and Elaine is already thinking about heading to London in September!

On the plate:

Martina ate at Bastible in Dublin 8 – they shared the chef’s menu between four, and she thought it was “FAB” and highly recommends it; she thinks it’s one of the best restaurants in Dublin.

John went out for dinner to ‘The Old Spot‘ in Sandymount with his parents which, he said, was delicious. In contrast to that, he met up with some friends on Saturday night and had a filthy Dominos takeaway while discussing everything that’s wrong in the world – sounds perfect!

June Bank HolidayThe highlight of Niamh’s week was the “AMAZING” meal she had with her family in Sha Roe. Seemingly it’s a fab little restaurant in the tiny village of Clonegal in the south east of Carlow. It’s been open a few years and run by a couple – he’s the head chef and she’s front of house. Niamh said the food is really yum – she had scallops and red mullet to start, and then a monkfish and risotto dish for main. She highly recommends it – sounds like the ideal destination for a June bank holiday!

On the page:

Martina has started reading ‘The Last of the High Kings’ by Ferdia MacAnna, an oldie but a goodie.

June Bank HolidayElaine is getting stuck in to ‘My Name is Lucy Barton’ by Elizabeth Strout. It was long listed for the 2016 Man Booker Prize and the book details the complicated relationship between Lucy Barton and her mother.

Eva is reading ‘The Beginning of Spring’ by Penelope Fitzgerald. It’s about a family of English expats living in Moscow in 1913. She said it’s beautifully told and is a real page turner – she’d recommend it!

On the screen:

June Bank HolidayEmily binge-watched The Keepers on Netflix. She said it was very disturbing but a must-watch. It’s about a 26-year-old nun, Cathy Cesnik, who was murdered in Baltimore in 1969. She was a high school teacher and adored by her students, and was abducted and found murdered two months later. It transpires that there was horrific sexual abuse going on at the school, and some of her pupils had confided in her, and she promised them that she would see that she put a stop to it. The murder was never solved and is largely believed to be part of a cover up.

Two of the nun’s former students, now in their sixties, are leading the charge in trying to get justice for Cathy and are very impressive amateur detectives.  Although it was very harrowing and you feel very outraged watching it, one positive comes from it and that is how much Sr. Cathy seemed to have inspired her students – everyone interviewed talked so glowingly about her. So if you’re stuck for something to do this June bank holiday, Emily highly recommends watching this.

John and Eva are both binging boxsets this week. John, like Emily, cannot recommend ‘The Keepers’ highly enough and Eva is going through her annual viewing of ‘House of Cards’. She’s hooked!

Elaine has started re-watching The Sopranos. She says that it’s no surprise that she was hooked the first time round – first episode is so good. The actors are all superb – it’s still so sad that James Gandolfini is no longer with us. He was an amazing talent.

June Bank HolidayAs the weather has been a bit miserable at times this week, Elaine and co. took themselves off to the cinema to see ‘Boss Baby‘. It was good (though not the best story ever), the kids loved it so – job done! They’re now looking forward to ‘Cars 3’ in July!

In the headphones:

Martina, Emily and Niamh are listening to lots of Bon Iver, The Staves,  Gordi, and Rusangano Family in preparation for Forbidden Fruit on Monday, while Eva is looking forward to seeing Aphex Twin there on Sunday! Here’s hoping the rain holds off…

That’s what tickled Alice this week – what about you? If you have any recommendation please let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you. Enjoy your June bank holiday!

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