As PR professionals, we eat, sleep and breathe media. So where does #TeamAlice turn for our daily fix of all things news and current affairs?

For our new blog series – ‘Media We Love’ – we’ve asked the team to share how they stay on top of breaking news, where they turn for further insight, and what their day-to-day media consumption looks like.

First up to tell us about the media she loves is Julie Sherlock, a Senior Account Manager with #TeamAlice and our Belfast office lead. Based in Northern Ireland for over 20 years, Julie’s knowledge of the media landscape there is integral to the all-island campaigns on which we work. Here are her day-to-day media favourites…

When and how do you get your first news updates of the day?

‘Good Morning Ulster’ on BBC Radio Ulster.

Tell us about breakfast and your commute (when that was a thing we still did!)…

I’ll have ‘Good Morning Ulster’ on the radio, followed by a look at the Belfast Telegraph, Irish News, BBC Northern Ireland, Belfast Live and the News Letter online.

Is the radio on in the background while you work? Do you always have one eye on Twitter?

Unfortunately, I find it really hard to concentrate with the radio on so, if there’s something specific I’m listening for, I’ll do a fairly low-level task at the same time. Radio Ulster until after lunchtime news, then Radio 2 for the afternoon. I check Twitter regularly for clients, so I definitely pick news up there too.

What do you read on your lunch break?

Belfast Telegraph, Irish News, Newsletter, Belfast Live and BBC NI (all online).

Do you buy a print newspaper? If so, which one(s) and how often?

Yes, I buy all of the daily papers at least once a week and usually a big read like The Sunday Times at the weekend.

Whose Twitter accounts do you follow to stay up to date with current affairs?

JP Campbell, BBC NI Economics & Business Editor
Allison Morris, Security Correspondent and columnist with The Irish News
RTE News
David Blevins, Senior Ireland Correspondent
Ryan McAleer, Irish News business journalist

What other social media do you use day-to-day?

Facebook for charity and voluntary sector updates, Instagram for influencer updates and LinkedIn for movers and shakers!

Are there any weekly columns/current affairs programmes/newsletters you never miss?

‘The View’ on BBC NI on catch-up, as it is on too late on a school night!

Do you have a favourite media outlet outside of Ireland?

The Guardian.

Which news broadcast do you tune into at the end of your day?

BBC Radio Ulster’s ‘Evening Extra’.

Given her love for news media, it’s no surprise Julie has secured high levels of coverage for lots of our clients in Northern Irish media outlets. Her recent work has included campaigns for clients such as Community Finance Ireland, Drinks Ireland|Irish Whiskey, and DIAS.

If you’re looking for PR support for campaigns in Northern Ireland or across the island of Ireland, feel free to get in touch.


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