Makenzie Huber has just finished her internship at Alice PR, as part of CAPA’s global internship programme. Here, she blogs about her experiences at Alice PR and her adventures in Dublin… 

Green has become my favourite colour.

Before this summer, it was the clear blue of South Dakota summer skies, paired with the soft beige of my state’s native prairie grass on ranches across the plains. But Ireland’s constant, vibrantly green landscapes contrast beautifully with its more-than-likely grey skies.

The contrast is relaxing and reminds me not just to look but see the world around me.

Green will also remind me of my time in Ireland.

It’ll remind me of my slow walks along the canal to my classes.

It’ll remind me of the beautiful rural landscapes I’d see traveling for weekend trips to Galway, Dingle, and Northern Ireland with my roommates.

It’ll remind me of my delicious lunches under trees along the River Liffey (most notably Oxmantown and Camerino).

But each time I’ll walk by my parents’ obsolete VHS collection with Alice & Wonderland or walk by my bookshelf and see my copy of Lewis Carroll’s classic, I’ll be reminded of Alice PR & Events and the memories and lessons I’ve taken from this workplace.

I’m not planning to go into the public relations side of communications. I’m studying journalism at South Dakota State University and my passion lies in keeping government officials accountable through a free press and presenting information to the public so they can make informed decisions.

But just because my mission sits on the journalism side of communication doesn’t mean there weren’t things I needed to learn about public relations. I learned that from #TeamAlice.

Just like journalism, public relations requires critical thinking, news judgment skills, writing, reporting, and researching.

I saw just how hard my colleagues at Alice PR work to make sure their clients connect to their audiences through events, media relations, and online communications. I saw this because I shadowed them and made it my business to do the same.

I helped make the extra effort for a client’s campaign to be locally relevant to each area of Ireland. I went through hours of research to find different companies that would support a client’s campaign. I listened as the office was filled with discussion on how to approach an unforeseen issue.

I’ve developed a new appreciation for the work people do in public relations and how they work with clients. It was inspiring to see everyone at #TeamAlice put in as much effort as they did these past few months I’ve been here.

But this summer wasn’t just about professional growth — I also got to listen in on the latest Love Island gossip and was treated to delicious sweets from people’s holiday travels. I learned about my co-workers’ lives in Dublin and their hometowns, their interests, and their hobbies. I got to sit in nice, leather chairs that spin — a sure sign that you’re a professional.

It was a great summer.

My summer in Ireland was a learning experience, but a memorable experience in general. I’ll take a lot of things with me — hundreds of photographs, lessons, blog posts, and a plush potato key chain — but the memories I’ve made in this city will be the most treasured. I’ll forever be grateful for my summer experience and the welcome I received from everyone at Alice and their willingness to teach me their craft.

Thank you to #TeamAlice for the great summer, and thank you to the Dubliners who helped me fall in love with this city.

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