It’s been a pretty hectic week in the office for #TeamAlice (a good complaint!), but we still managed to find time to check out the latest music releases and gigs, feed our inner history nerds, and celebrate family weddings. It’s #WhatTickledAlice!

Out and About

Niamh went to see ‘Vulfpeck’ in the Olympia on Monday night. It was her second time to see the American funk group and they were just as good, if not better, this time round. They’re a lot of fun to see live and are UBER talented. We’re told it’s like being invited to a really fun jam session. A guaranteed bop… She cannot recommend them enough!

Martina was at a family wedding in the lovely Clonabreany House last Sunday, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  She also made it along to a Dublin Festival of History (Alice client alert!) talk on Tuesday night – on Frederick Douglass in Ireland, delivered by historian Cecilia Hartsell.  It was in the recently refurbished Kevin Street Library (which is beautiful) and was a really interesting event.

On Saturday, Kendall visited the Cliffs of Moher. The iconic picture of the Princess Bride ‘cliffs of insanity!’ and home to Voldemort’s faux horcrux come to mind. She left the bottom part of her mouth over on those 700 feet high cliffs that stand unapologetic, imposing, and expansive.

On the Page

Martina has just started reading ‘Minds of Winter’ by Ed O’Loughlin, described by The Irish Times as “a big, time-shifting tale around a perilous polar expedition“.  The book is based on the real-life fate of the ships Erebus and Terror, which disappeared in the Antarctic in the 1800s.  Ed O’Loughlin is hosting Michael Palin’s talk at the Dublin Festival of History this Saturday, in which Palin will discuss his book on Erebus.  Martina’s heading along to that also, and really looking forward to it.

On the Screen

Niamh has been really enjoying the new series ‘Killing Eve‘. As a major Grey’s Anatomy fan, she’s loving seeing actress Sandra Oh on the screen again. The series is a British drama about Eve – a spy and her hunt for the serial killer – Villanelle. It’s on the RTE player for anyone looking for a weekend binge.

Very belatedly, Martina has started watching ‘Narcos’ on Netflix.  She’s only two episodes in (and years behind the rest of the planet!), but she can feel herself getting hooked!

In the Earphones

Eva has been immersed in the new Serial podcast, released just a couple of weeks ago. Now in it’s third season, the team from This American Life are bringing us a week-by-week look in to the criminal justice system in Cleveland, Ohio. A slight return to the theme of the first season, Serial’s third season is thoroughly enthralling, somewhat heart-breaking, and might just be the best season yet!

Meanwhile, Emily is a massive fan of Irish band Saint Sister, who’ve just released their brilliant debut album today, and is super excited about seeing them in the Olympia next Thursday.

Looking Ahead

Eva will be heading along to the 3 Arena this weekend to indulge in some 80’s/90’s classics from the Queen of Pop, Kylie Minogue. Also this weekend, she’ll be checking out Dublin’s newest Mexican eatery, Masa on Stephen Street Lower, followed by the much anticipated Michael Palin event at the Dublin Festival of History. Full report from all events next week!

Emily is hoping for a win in her camogie semi-final this Sunday, followed by a bit of history in Dublin Castle!

That’s it for this week’s #WhatTickledAlice. Have you been anywhere new recently? We would love to hear about your last week or any of your comments and recommendations in the comment section below.

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