We’re getting off to a flying start here at Alice PR and will have lots of announcements and news in the coming weeks so watch this space. For now, we’d like to welcome our newest members to the Alice PR team, interns Ellie McNamara & Nelly Wilson.

internsHere at Alice PR we recognise the benefits of giving back to the industry and helping out where we can. With this in mind we continue to give opportunities to the rising stars of PR through our internship programme. So far we have had interns from New Jersey, and South Dakota and a little closer to home too.

This month we welcome interns Ellie McNamara and Nelly Wilson. We caught up with them to find out all about them and why they chose to intern with Alice PR.

Ellie’s story:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I studied abroad for three years but am back in Ireland now to study Public Relations and Event Management in the Fitzwilliam Institute and really love it! Formulating plans and following a good strategy is my thing so studying PR is right up my street!

What is your key area of expertise and what attracted you to Alice PR?

I’m really keen on the panning side of things – be that planning an overall PR strategy for a company or planning an event down to the last detail, that’s where my passion lies. I hope to get really practical work experience in PR for the future and that’s why I chose to apply to Alice. I was attracted to Alice PR because of the nature of the business, and the clients we work with here. Because the team is small, I get to work on a range of different activities for a broad spectrum of really great clients. It’s exciting to be in the middle of it all. I also like the fact that it is an all-female company!

I’m excited about getting stuck into work here at Alice PR and learning the ropes. So far I’ve been hands on in event planning, launches, issuing press materials and online communications so I’m getting a real feel for everything.

Nelly’s Story:

Nelly comes to us from University of Florida and will divide her time between interning with us at Alice PR and one of our client companies, Computerology.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m currently attend the University of Florida studying Information Systems & Operations Management in the combined Masters program, and will graduate in December 2017 with my Bachelor’s and December 2018 with my Master’s degree. I came to Dublin last week to continue my quest to explore international engagement and gain new perspectives.
For the summer of 2016, I interned at Siemens Energy in the Large Gas Turbines R&D Division with the Global Outsourcing Group. With the additional experience of owning and operating my own business, as well as being a founding member of an e-commerce start-up, I bring a multi-faceted business background to any endeavour.

What do you hope to gain from your experience at Alice PR?

Technology’s ability to be an agent for positive change motivates me. I realise it is essential to understand technology in order to have a voice in the conversations that shape the present, forge the future and create a better world. Being at Alice PR and Computerology gives me an in-depth opportunity to explore IT and communications and continue learning about new trends, ideas, and issues that are impacting both of these industries.

I’m really looking forward to growing my skill sets in both of these industries and I’m excited to contribute!

Welcome aboard to both Ellie & Nelly. We’re delighted to have you with us!


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