Shrove Tuesday has been and gone and we all stuffed ourselves! Some went for savoury, some went for posh and most went for traditional but we’ve all had copious amounts of pancakes to keeps us going for the next six weeks of Lent!

We’ve been enjoying lots of launches, event prep and press for our great clients, so watch this space for more on up-coming blogs on that.

We’ve also been getting out and about, reading, watching and eating. Here’s what tickled Alice this week!

Out and about:

pancakesNelly has continued her exploration around the Irish countryside and took herself off to both Howth and Bray at the weekend and captured this great shot of a double rainbow over Dublin Bay.

Elaine spent the weekend at a number of sporting events with the kids – from community games to rugby festivals, she’s wrecked from standing on the side-lines!pancakes

Eva spent some time unwinding at the yoga studio,  as a self-confessed “total hippy” she absolutely loves ‘The Yoga Hub’ and finds the teachers amazing, including the terrific Lee Tracey, who was in our photo shoot with WellFest!

On the screen:

Nobody could avoid the Oscar hype this week, especially with “that gaffe” that had everyone laughing / crying / mortified! Either way, Martina did a bit of an Oscar-movie binge at the weekend. She watched ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Fences’ and thought ‘Fences’ was a bit too long (well over two hours).  She said Viola Davis is brilliant in it, however, and definitely Oscar-worthy.  Denzel Washington plays a really, really horrible man in it which she found hard to watch. She thought ‘Moonlight’ was well worth a look too – very good, but didn’t quite live up to the hype around it. She was glad it won the best film accolade though.

pancakesNiamh enjoyed both episodes of The Voice UK on Saturday and Sunday, more specifically she enjoyed Will.I.Am. He is on her ‘famous people you’d invite to a dinner party list’!

Elaine is absolutely beside herself that something decent is back on the box with season three of ‘Catastrophe’ starting on Channel 4 on Tuesday. It landed with a great starting episode seeing Sharon and Rob being as funny as ever in their depictions of a real-life couple with kids. We can just about get past Sharon Horgan’s cool wardrobe.

On the plate:

Eva put us all to shame with home made delicious breakfast bars while the rest of us were knee-deep in Nutella, syrup and pancakes! Although controversially Emily’s favourite pancakes this year were the savoury ones. Niamh came over all “notions” with a crepe maker no less, and fancy fillings including mushroom, cheese, spinach, bacon and pesto and then strawberries, marshmallow and Nutella for the sweet option. Posh!

Martina enjoyed Saba last night as part of the ‘Dine in Dublin’ festival and Emily went to The Pepper Pot on Sunday for the first time and had a fab bacon and pear sandwich on the most delicious white bread. pancakes

On the page:

We all loved Manchán Magan’s piece on Irish fairies and folklore that Emily brought to our attention this week. With most of #teamAlice having grown up in the Irish countryside, we’ve heard stories and rumours around banshees, fairies and strange occurrences but Michael Fortune from Wexford has been collecting and recording these stories for over twenty years and some of those are included in this great article.

Not quite “the page”, but Eva spent her Sunday evening catching up on some podcasts on ‘This American Life’ which included stories of people going to very extreme measures to demonstrate their feelings.

And for the week that’s in it, here’s a fine article on everything you need to know about pancakes, with a couple of funny videos thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

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