What a month! On what should be #BrexitDay, we’re sure you’re as tired as we are of hearing lots, and finding out nothing about the future relationship of the UK with the EU. If you fancy reading about something other than the indecisiveness of the British parliament, we’re back with the March edition of #WhatTickledAlice. We’ve got the perfect podcasts to block out the Brexit noise, trendy craft beer spots to drink pints while pretending to understand the latest developments and delicious pizza places, because – well pizza doesn’t ever need a reason. Here’s this month’s #WhatTickledAlice!

In the Ear

We love a good podcast here at Alice PR & Events, and we’ve been catching up on the latest and recommending the best:

PR Agency DublinEva’s been loving the Dublin Inquirer’s recently released podcast series on Dublin’s housing crisis, entitled ‘Supply and Demand’. A really thorough overview of housing in the city over the past 100 years and which also provides great insights into Ireland’s obsession with property. Here’s hoping they will be making more podcast series like these!

PR Agency DublinNow that she’s hit superstardom, Emily checked out the ‘David Tennant Does a Podcast’ interview with Oscar-winner Olivia Colman. She tells us it’s laugh out loud funny and interesting to hear Olivia talk about how difficult she finds fame. This, considering this was before she was even nominated for an Oscar. A great listen for a few laughs!

PR Agency DublinNiamh has been listening to ‘Dirty John’ – and is hooked! It’s a true-crime podcast based on the life of sociopath John Meehan and features his ex-wife and her children telling the story of how he came into their lives and what followed. To all fans of crime podcasts, Niamh is recommending this as essential listening.

PR Agency DublinAnother top podcast recommendation from Niamh is ‘The Dropout’. It follows the story of Elizabeth Holmes – the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire and her company Theranos, which claimed it was going to revolutionise healthcare in America. She’s since been outed as a con and is facing criminal charges and potentially 20 years in prison… so it makes for very interesting listening!

Out and About

PR Agency DublinEmily has been spending a lot of time in Wicklow in the past month, with a particular highlight being her St. Patrick’s Day hike up Lugnaquilla – the 11th highest peak in Ireland. It was a tough hike, took nearly six hours, and they had to battle the elements! The only cure for it was to head to the Bosca Beatha sauna at Glenmalure followed by a dip in the river! A perfect escape from the city for a day.


PR Agency DublinMartina has been doing a yoga course at The Elbow Room in Stoneybatter over the past month & highly recommends it. Her class was on a Monday night, and included some very relaxing meditation each time, so she found it a great way to start the week.

The yoga was much needed after Martina’s fab week skiing in beautiful Tignes le Lac in the French Alps. It was her first time skiing and, although somewhat challenging at first (!!!), she’s hooked and can’t wait to do it again.

On the Plate

PR Agency DublinMartina is highly recommending the tasting menu at Forest and Marcy, where she headed to celebrate her birthday recently; perfect for anyone who’s big into cooking and ‘arty’ food. They were seated at the counter which runs almost the length of the restaurant. It overlooks the prep station, with a birdseye view of the chefs working away – like being inside an episode of MasterChef.


PR Agency DublinAfter hearing lots of great things about it, Martina also recently headed to Rascals Brewery in Inchicore. They have one of the most humorous menus she’s seen, complete with puntastic Dublin 8-inspired names for all the pizzas. There’s great food, a play area for kids, an extensive choice for craft beer-lovers, and brewery tours. Something to keep everyone happy!

On the Page

Martina is currently reading “absolutely the best book she has ever read”: ‘Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style‘. It’s written by Benjamin Dreyer, vice president, executive managing editor and copy chief of Random House. According to Martina, it’s a highly entertaining and informative read about how we use (and abuse) the English language. She’s planning a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session for Alice staff soon, to impart all her new-found wisdom.

On the Screen

Vanessa went to see Green Book (twice!) and absolutely loved it. Set in 1962, the story focuses on Dr Don Shirley, a world-class African-American pianist. He embarks on a concert tour, and his newly hired Italian-American bouncer, Tony Lip. Despite their differences, the two men soon develop an unexpected bond. She won’t give too much away but is telling us it’s extremely funny, emotional and thought-provoking.

That’s it for this month. Have a great one, and let’s hope that while we’re enjoying our pizza, pints and listening to a few podcasts, there might be some Brexit breakthrough!


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