We’ve been looking back at February to award Alice PR’s ‘PR Moments of the Month’. Who will have the privilege (or misfortune!) to be awarded the accolade this month?


With International Women’s Day fast approaching, we’ve been excited to work with a number of our clients on various events that aim to empower, celebrate and raise issues around being a woman in society and the workplace.

It’s with this in mind that we were particuPR Momentslarly excited by the ‘Where’s Wally’ style campaign that challenges viewers to find the solitary woman in the crowds of workers in a series of posters created by IC4Design and marketing agency DDB for UN Women in Egypt. The aim of the ad was to highlight that only 23% of Egypt’s workforce is made up of women, an issue which goes largely unnoticed.

See details of the campaign here.

Another, more surprising #win for February comes in the shape of an AIB mortgage ad. The success of this ad is in the casting of the couple, Mick and Kate, a hard-working couple with three kids who have normal jobs, she’s a home-maker, he’s a taxi driver and the story is based on the fact that the have reached the milestone of having paid off their mortgage. It resonates with people because they seem ordinary, and they could be anyone. It helps that they are a very attractive youthful looking pair!

PR Moments
Photo AIB

AIB have done very well out of it with people on social media talking to the couple, and some even requesting that they adopt them!


In our #Fail for this month’s ‘PR Moments of the month’ it’s the classic social media mistake; never assume anything is private. It is one of the things we at Alice PR cover in our PR training time and again. We all know what happens to those who assume.PR Moments

February saw the leaking of the Whatsapp group for members of the Fine Gael parliamentary party  which included discussions around the leadership contenders.  It shows just how careful you need to be when using social media and how something in a “closed” group can so easily become public info.


Do you have suggestions for other #wins and #fails from February? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Simply post them in the comments section below.

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