We’ve had a month of catching up on some binge-worthy TV, gripping reads and fresh walks to recover from the Christmas madness. Here’s This month’s #WhatTickledAlice, with our top recommendations for the best of Nexflix, stunning weekend walks to recharge and, (don’t worry, we haven’t become saints!) recommendations for some indulgent foodie treats!


Out and About


Dublin PR AgencyNiamh was coerced into being an audience member at Dancing with the Stars a number of weeks ago. Although they were assigned the dreaded seats (right behind the judges!), she loved seeing the dancers perform live, and there was an amazing atmosphere in the studio. The production of the show had her totally impressed. It’s a seriously well-oiled machine and it was a great to see how everything works behind the scenes.

PR Agency DublinThis month Vanessa has continued to get familiar with her new home here in Dublin. She embarked on a walk to the Poolbeg Lighthouse, near Ringsend, Dublin 4 on a bright Sunday morning. It’s a 4km walk and takes 30 to 40 minutes depending how brisk a pace you decide to walk. A great Sunday afternoon adventure with stunning views and fresh sea air!


On the Plate


Dublin PR AgencyAs we emerge from hibernation, there’s nothing like a comforting breakfast to ease you into the year.  Elaine has been reporting on the best. Down in Brittas Bay she’s recommending the fabulous ‘Bay Café’, serving up the freshest local produce day in, day out. Yum!


Dublin PR Agency AliceVanessa visited the Bubble Waffle Factory in Temple Bar to try out their delicious Bubble Waffles – ice-cream and toppings served inside soft oval “bubbles.” She had the Chocolate Dream: Kinder Bueno, chocolate stick, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, and cream. With a funky vibe, and flavours to die for, it’s a winner for us!

On the Screen


Martina has been getting serious mileage out of her Netflix account this month. She devoured ‘Sex Education’ and can’t wait for a second series. It’s really funny and thoughtful, and she loved all the different characters and beautiful setting.

She also watched ‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’ on Netflix this month. It is a chilling but gripping documentary about one of the USA’s most notorious serial killers.

Pretty much everyone on #TeamAlice thoroughly enjoyed ‘Fyre’. Given our experience of working on events, it was fascinating to see how badly things can turn out. And how easily people can be duped!

Catastrophe is back for its fourth and final season and Elaine has been loving it; loving the story, LOVING Sharon’s style. The only negative thing about? That it’s drawing to a close.


In the Ear


Eva’s hooked on the new season of the Crimetown podcast by Gimlet Media. This season delves into the culture of crime in Detroit, Michigan from 1970’s to 1990’s, through interviews with various individuals. From politicians to policemen, drug dealers to barbers, each episode introduces you to someone completely distinct. All had a part to play in in the criminal underworld at that time.


On the Page


Elaine has just started ‘Becoming‘ – Michelle Obama’s biography. She has found it very interesting so far and written in an engaging and accessible way – as you’d expect from the former First Lady. We’re all looking forward to hearing how she gets on with it.

Emily has been gripped by ‘Lethal White’ by Robert Galbraith (AKA our fave – JK Rowling). Ddespite not being a massive fan of the crime/mystery genre, and it’s quite hefty tone she still enjoyed it hugely,

On Ciara’s recommendation, Martina has been reading ‘How Not to Be a Boy’ and really enjoying it. It’s a memoir by the actor and comedian Robert Webb about growing up in Lincolnshire. It deals with the pressure placed on men, from the very earliest age, to conform to society’s view of what it means to be ‘masculine’. You can read more about it here. 


That it for this installment of #WhatTickledAlice. Let us know about your January highlight below!

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