So, Alice holiday season is kicking off with Martina heading to sunny France – bon voyage! The rest of us are living it up Ireland style! If you’re sticking around too, why not try out one or two of our #WhatTickledAlice recommendations for this week? 

Out and about:

Martina, Emily and John spent Saturday celebrating (and working at) Pride, which you can read about here. While Martina and Emily were working with the LGBT Helpline, John watched it from Cuffe St for a few hours. He felt the parade suffered somewhat from the constant interruption of the LUAS, and he wasn’t mad about the new route which he thought significantly reduced the visibility of the parade.  However it didn’t dampen his spirits and he partied in to the wee hours in Pantibar!

Emily was feeling very domesticated over the weekend and went on a serious cleaning buzz and also did some gardening – it’s very important to always have enough mint for mojitos!

Elaine has been spending as much time as possible at the beach and enjoyed a girls day out with Susan which involved playgrounds, ice-cream, “swimming” and cake!

On the plate:

Martina headed to Skinflint for some post-Pride pizza. There was a bit of a Pride spill-over party happening there, which she said was highly entertaining.

John felt “surprisingly fresh” on Sunday and went for brunch to Sophie’s at The Dean. He even followed that with making his second homemade lasagne which went even better than last week! #Winning.

Martina recently had brunch at Dillinger’s in Ranelagh. She’d never been before and would highly recommend it. Great menu, service and decor. Although they weren’t partaking of cocktails, the barman was on the go non-stop and his creations looked very tempting!

Photo: Bagots Hutton

Niamh and Martina toddled round the corner for lunch at Bagots Hutton during the week, which was lovely. They’ve a really nice quayside setting and a very relaxed atmosphere. Again, great service and lovely food.

Niamh’s barbecue-fest continued with a big family gathering as her Dad had a “significant” birthday to celebrate.  They had lots of BBQ fare on the go with salads galore, followed by meringues, chocolate cake, fruit salad, cheesecake and profiteroles. Yum!

She also recently visited Mimosa – a fab tapas bar in Carlow! G’wan Carlow.

On the page: Elaine finished ‘My Name is Lucy Barton’ for bookclub. She really enjoyed it. Set in New York, it tells the story of  Lucy Barton’s difficult childhood and how Lucy would frequently take solace in reading, and eventually fled the family home and moved to New York to become a writer. Years later Lucy is hospitalised after she develops an infection and during her stay her mother comes to visit and the two reconnect after years of not seeing or speaking to one another. She recommends it.

Emily is halfway through ‘Mad Girls Love Song’, about Sylvia Plath, and is really enjoying it – she said it’s surprisingly easy to read. Full review coming soon!

On the screen:


Emily started watching GLOW on Netflix and really likes it. It’s based on the 80’s TV show ‘Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling’, so it’s a series about a series and it’s a bit silly but entertaining. She loves the ’80s “shtyle” and the lead character is played by Alison Brie who is great – we love her from her Mad Men and Community days but this role couldn’t be further removed!

And from the sublime to the ridiculous, Emily also watched ‘The Equalizer’ on Sunday night and can safely say don’t watch it. She said Denzel Washington let himself down big time – she tried her best to get through it but went to bed half way through because it was so bad.

John is loving the 29th season of ‘The Amazing Race’  which is an American reality competition show in which eleven teams of two race around the world, requiring teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and vie for airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show.

Elaine was completely enthralled by Radiohead at Glastonbury and gutted that she missed them here in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty funny that the #fakenews story about them took hold again – you can kind of see how it would!

Looking forward to…

Martina jetted off to Ile de Ré at the crack of dawn on Thursday. Rest assured, she’ll be thinking of us all as she unwinds and spends her days cycling around the island, sunbathing, swimming,  drinking lots of nice wine and eating lots of delicious French food. We’re not at all jealous. (Come back!)

Niamh and Emily are looking forward to finishing the Clontarf Half Marathon tomorrow along with 3,000 others this Saturday. #athletes. Wishing them the very best from all at #TeamAlice!

Happy Friday y’all!



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