Sometimes when companies engage a PR Agency, they don’t quite know what they should expect to receive. Clients often come to agencies looking for front-page coverage but ultimately, you should be getting more than column inches from any agency worth their salt.

The top six things you should expect to get from your PR agency are:


A few months ago, we did a piece about the benefits of working with a boutique PR agency like Alice PR. One thing we mentioned then, which still rings true, is the dedicated, personal service and complete understanding of you, your business and how you tick. At Alice PR, we pride ourselves on working with projects we love and clients we care about (like our recent work on addressing the gender pay gap, or our work with the Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment and the Together For Yes campaign).

When you engage a PR agency, they should be bending-over-backwards to learn about your business, to know where it came from, and get to know the people involved, the stories you want to tell and the stories you didn’t even know were important!


When people think ‘PR’ they think ‘coverage’. It goes hand-in-hand. And yes – you should expect to get some coverage but sometimes the audience you need to reach aren’t necessarily the ones who take any notice of the front page of The Irish Times. That’s why any decent PR agency will get to know you, your brand and target the news in the direction of the audiences you need to reach, using the language and the media that they understand and expect from your business.


PR agencies are no longer just about the news – they have to be able to reinvent the wheel. They need to be able to find the story where you didn’t know one existed. They need to be able to create a great photo call with few resources and, they need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Very often companies have told their story so many times that they don’t even know how interesting their own experiences are or that their business has a unique story to tell. A good PR agency will listen, decipher and tell that story in an engaging way that you never knew was possible – or newsworthy – before.


At Alice PR we all love our jobs – we’re in it for the right reason. We love meeting clients, we love listening to them, we love working out the best angles for their stories to be told and we love organising a good old photo call – who wouldn’t want to hang out with Marty Morrissey on a random Thursday in February? We give everything to our clients – we are passionate, engaged and excited by our work – and so we should be. It’s awesome!Marty Morrissey Alice PR Agency

Knowledge Exchange:

A good PR agency will listen but also give advice as to the best direction for you company or campaign. Sharing knowledge and information on the sector, the best approach, the message and the experience of both the client and the agency will go a long way to securing the right angle for the story and pin-pointing the best people to pitch to.


A decent PR agency is only as good as the company it keeps! As we said in our blog ‘Is the press release dead?‘, a good reliable contact list and ensuring that your PR agency is trusted by journalists goes a long way to securing good coverage for clients. A well-written press release gives credibility to the agency issuing it and indicates that you understand and appreciate the job of a journalist.

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