This year, for the second year in a row, we worked on the PR and marketing campaign for the Springboard+ programme.

Our work mainly took place over the summer months, in the build-up to the commencement of Springboard+ courses in September and October.

Here we outline the work we undertook throughout the campaign, broken down by category.


We ran radio advertisements on a number of national and regional channels as part of this year’s campaign. These stations included: Midlands Radio, Beat 102-103, Galway Bay FM, Spin 1038 and 98FM. You can listen to the radio ads on our Soundcloud here.

As part of the packages we negotiated with some of the radio stations, flyer distributions were also included. This was carried out by their promotional teams, such as the Spinis, the Beat Fleet and the 98FM Thunders.

Spinis with Springboard+ 2017 flyers
Spinis with Springboard+ 2017 flyers


When it came to outdoor advertising, we worked with Irish Poster Advertising and JC Decaux to get posters put up around Dublin and Cork. These were posted at bus stops and various locations across Dublin and Cork to ensure the maximum reach for the campaign.

Springboard+ 2017 IPA Ad
Springboard+ 2017 IPA Ad


This year we arranged for Springboard+ to have editorial packages across two online publications. These companies were Sheology (MummyPages) and Maximum Media ( The packages included an editorial piece about Springboard+, promotion across social media channels and display advertisements.

Springboard+ 2017 ad on
Springboard+ 2017 ad on


Like previous years, we worked with a creative content company to create a Springboard+ supplement. This supplement was included in each copy of the Irish Independent on a selected date in July. The supplement was filled with information such as: course details, testimonials from past participants and general information about taking up a Springboard+ course. We also ran advertisements in the Cork Independent.

Springboard+ 2017 Supplement
Springboard+ 2017 Supplement


We ran many digital advertising campaigns for this year’s year programme. These advertisements allowed us to see real-time results and enabled us to reach a large number of people for a small budget, within a short period of time.

Google AdWords: We ran two AdWords campaigns this year – one general Springboard+ ad and another ad focusing on the Springboard+ Information Day. The general ad is running until the end of September but currently has a reach of 109,931 and a click-through-rate of 5.85%. The Information Day ad, which has finished, had a reach of 58,575 and a click-through-rate of 4.35%. Both ads performed extremely well compared to industry averages – education-based Google AdWords usually have a click-through-rate of 2.20%.

Facebook: In total, we ran six campaigns across Facebook this year. These included poster advertisements, event promotions and post boosts. The total reach of the combined campaigns (with three still on-going) is currently 296,323. All Facebook poster advertisements simultaneously ran across Instagram.

LinkedIn: We ran one ad on LinkedIn that highlighted the Information Day. This ad, which only ran for a couple of days leading up to the event, had a reach of 3,254.


In addition to working on the advertising and marketing for Springboard+, we provided event support for the information day.

For the event, held in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2, we: liaised with hotel event staff to organise the floor-plan, sourced and designed t-shirts for Springboard+ staff (who were present at the event), created a presentation that was displayed on loop for the event and organised a videography team to produce a video highlighting the benefits of taking up one of the courses on offer. You can watch the video below.


You can read more of our case studies here.

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