#TeamAlice is here to save you from Bank Holiday boredom with this week’s recommendations of the best things to read, see and check out this weekend – you can thank us later!

On the Page

The Omnivore’s Dilemma – This book that delves into the origins of our food comes highly recommended by Eva for anyone with an interest in food and sustainability. Broken into three parts dealing with large-scale factory farming, family farming and foraging, Eva found it an interesting and worthwhile read, despite focusing mainly on the US agricultural system.

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Holly Running Home to Read Amy Schumer


The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – With the release of Amy Schumer’s second movie mere weeks away, Holly has been devouring her autobiography to tide over her withdrawals until then. Again, it’s proving to be a book she cannot read in public due to the often embarrassing outbursts of laughter it occasions. Although Amy Schumer is very much a Marmite phenomenon (love or hate), Holly loves her complete honesty and refusal to be anything other than what she is. For anyone in need of a pre-Easter pick-me-up, she highly recommends checking out the ‘I Feel Pretty’ trailer here – it’s seen her through many a grey day!

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Simone Berteaut’s Biography of Piaf

Piaf – Martina found this memoir, written by Edith Piaf’s alleged half-sister and partner in crime, Simone Berteaut, a gripping – although sometimes sordid – read. Chronicling the tragic self-destruction of one of France’s greatest singing talents, Martina would recommend this interesting and insightful biography, even given the questionable authenticity of Berteaut who was often described as Piaf’s l’ange noir (dark angel) despite claiming she was the talented singer’s devoted half-sister.

On the Screen

Wild Wild Country – All we can tell you about this new Netflix show is that we are under strict orders from Eva to watch it! She’s keeping all details under her hat for fear of spoilers but judging from her enthusiastic use of superlatives, capital letters and exclamation marks, we’re fairly sure it’s a good one! Think Oregon desert, world’s most controversial guru and the search for Utopia.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Martina is belatedly jumping on this acclaimed bandwagon, watching the latest adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel. She is completely enthralled and terrified by the series, some of its subjects being slightly too close to the bone for comfort these days. She thinks the quality of the whole production makes it an absolute must-watch and having already been converted ourselves, Team Alice fully backs her up on this!

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Frances’ Lunchtime Jive

Frances Ha – Following on from Ladybird, Holly has been indulging her Greta Gerwig adoration phase with this kooky ode to adulthood and the endless struggles it presents. Refreshing, poignant and vulnerable enough to stop it from being pretentious, Holly really enjoyed this unconventional tale of a sort-of homeless twenty-something kind-of dancer, searching for identity, direction and an apartment in beautifully monochromed New York.

Looking Forward

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Michelin Starred ‘The Box Tree’

The Box Tree – Our wonderful CEO, Martina, is taking a well-earned break this weekend and is starting her holidays in style with a trip to this Michelin star restaurant in West Yorkshire. We already cannot wait to hear the agonising descriptions of every course next week!

Asian Dub Foundation – Eva will be heading to the Sugar Club tomorrow night to watch Asian Dub Foundation perform a live soundtrack to the classic French film, La Haine. Can you feel the envy, can you?

Grief is the Thing with Feathers – Martina, Eva and Holly were all lucky enough to nab tickets to this production of Max Porter’s touching novel that follows two young boys and their widowed father as they come to terms with their mother’s sudden death. Adapted by Enda Walsh and starring Cillian Murphy, we cannot wait to see if this play is as good as the book (and the hype!) promises it to be!

And so, with endless self-restraint (and because we’re about to embark on an office Easter egg hunt) we wish you a happy, indulgent and fun-filled Easter. Make sure to join #TeamAlice next week when we’ll have lots more recommendations for all things food, TV and culture-related.

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