It feels odd to write of more frivolous pursuits with all that’s going on in the world.  But we weighed it up and we felt that – now more than ever – people need recommendations for good things to read, see, do and keep them sane!  So we’re continuing with The A-List in spite of Covid-19.

This week, we’ve been:



Listening to:

  • Nialler9’s excellent music recommendations for our new home offices, including this ‘house party’ playlist.
  • ‘The Food Programme’ and ‘The Kitchen Cabinet’ podcasts from the BBC. According to Emma, there’s a good one from January – with Jack Monroe on the “tinned food revolution” – which may be useful in the current crisis.


  • The concert staged by Colm Mac Con Iomaire on St. Patrick’s Day – live-streamed from his living room and watched by us in ours. If you missed this gem, you can watch back here.


  • Ciara and Elaine are double-jobbing this week, donning their teachers’ hats alongside their Alice duties. Elaine recommends an online art class from local artist Louise Cherry.  There’s another one planned for Monday, so tune in if you have children and are looking for creative ideas to keep them occupied!  And Ciara brought her children on a virtual visit to the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo.


  • We’re grateful for our gardens and green spaces this week, being able to get outside and get some Vitamin D, while – of course – maintaining a careful social distance from others.

Stay safe, everyone, and stay positive.  We’ll get through this!

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