You may not be able to travel beyond your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Bank Holiday weekend packed full of culture.

#TeamAlice have been busy, reading, listening, baking and making – to make sure we have the best recommendations to keep you entertained!

This week, we’ve been:


• ‘Dear Ireland’ from the Abbey Theatre.
• ‘Normal People’ (along with the rest of Ireland!).
• ‘Captain Fantastic’ and ‘The Last Dance’, a documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, both on Netflix.
• ‘Most Beautiful Thing’, a lovely, sunny, music- and fashion-filled series set in 1950s Rio de Janeiro.

Listening To:

• United Ireland’s ‘Imagining a Dublin Utopia’.
• Jay Rayner’s podcast, ‘Out to Lunch’ (back with a coronavirus ‘In for Lunch’ series).
• The ‘Lennon Courtney Left Alone’ podcast from Sonya Lennon (a close friend to Alice PR and an all-round superwoman) and her partner in crime, Brendan Courtney.


• John Boyne’s ‘A History of Loneliness’.
• ‘I Found My Tribe’ by Ruth Fitzmaurice.
• ‘She Speaks: The Power of Women’s Voices’ by Yvette Cooper.

Eating, Cooking and Baking:

• White chocolate and raspberry scones.
Caramel and salted peanut slices (we recommend doubling the amount of chocolate for added sumptuousness, and using a mix of dark and milk chocolate).
Chicken and veg pie with gratin potatoes – an easy one-pot recipe from The Irish Times.


• Emily has discovered the art of making macramé plant-holders this week. Place your orders now 😊

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend, everyone. Stay safe!

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