We’ve been enjoying the sunshine over the past week, adjusting to our slowly re-opening neighbourhoods, noticing more footfall and traffic on the streets where we live, and finding new-found admiration for a celebrity in our midst…

As usual, based on our first-hand experiences, we’re bringing you our top cultural picks, based on what we’ve been watching, reading, listening to and eating.

This week, we’ve been:


Listening To:


Eating, Cooking and Drinking:Mojito - Alice PR top cultural picks

War Memorial Gardens Alice PR Top Cultural PicksVisiting:

Getting Starry-Eyed:

We very excited to announce that we finally have our very own #TeamAlice celebrity. Yes, you heard it here first, folks – Emily Brennan is one of the (many) stars of the new SuperValu TV ad. Check it out here (she’s at 40 seconds in) and make sure to look out for Emily on your nearest TV screen too 😉

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Stay safe!

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