We’ve been taking advantage of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions recently to travel a bit further afield and revisit favourite venues that were closed for the past few months. We’re also getting well into holiday season at Alice PR, with Emily having abandoned us for the past 10 days, and Emma heading off on leave from this afternoon!

As always, our A-List brings you our tip cultural recommendations this week, ranging from ‘guilty pleasure’ viewing to simple mid-week meals.

Over the past fortnight, we’ve been:


  • ‘Love/Hate’ on RTÉ Player (it holds up well after 10 years!).
  • The new seasons of ‘The Politician’ and ‘The Girls from Ipanema’, both on Netflix.
  • The *classic* ‘Mean Girls’, also recently available on Netflix.

Listening To:


Eating, Cooking and Drinking:




  • Lucky Emily has been off for the past week, fitting in some glamping and horse-riding in Kenmare, while Emma’s heading North this afternoon, getting to spend time with her family in Donegal and Tyrone, now that Covid-19 travel restrictions have eased.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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