Once again it’s been a busy week for #TeamAlice, exploring London’s quirky neighbourhoods, filling up in Phibsboro and enduring the winter weather for Howth’s hill views.

On the Plate

Martina was in London last weekend managing the social media for our client 404 London. She took full advantage of the opportunity to embark on a culinary tour across the East End. On Friday night, she headed to Dinerama – quite like Eatyard – lots of different food stalls, bars and outdoor space. It would be the perfect place to enjoy some summer weather! Prawnography was  thevendor decided upon, and to which Martina has awarded the title of ‘Best Food Joint Name Ever!’ followed by some very tasty cocktails in the Zephyr Lounge. On Saturday night, she checked out a little restaurant called Popolo for dinner. Very cool and minimalist according to Martina!

Emily stayed a little more local for her culinary adventures and headed over to the ‘Bald Eagle‘ pub in Phibsborough on Saturday, to watch the rugby match and tucked into tiger prawns on a skillet with garlic bread, washed down with a few tasty G&Ts. To continue ‘a weekend of eating’ Emily visited Kimchi Hophouse, a Korean restaurant on Parnell Street. It was Emily’s first time there and she wasn’t disappointed with the Bibimbap, not unlike a hot poké bowl – tasty and filling, it ticked all of Emily’s boxes.

Niamh has been trying her hand at some healthy baking recently and is loving it! Her sweet potato brownies made from all-natural ingredients turned out really nice and fudgy and received rave reviews. The office has collectively requested samples. Lots of samples!

Holly headed to a festive pancake and knitting party on Tuesday (her first scarf, begun in October, is ALMOST finished. Just in time for spring). On Wednesday she indulged in some pesto parmesan fries at the Bald Eagle. If you’re looking for complete over-indulgence – they are absolutely as gluttonous as they sound!

It was Ciara’s birthday on Saturday (Happy Birthday Ciara!) so she headed off for a birthday brunch at The Pigeon House in Delgany followed by a walk in Kindlestown Wood – there’s talk of the best carrot cake ever. We’re all very interested.

Out and About

While in London, Martina was staying at The Hoxton in Shoreditch, possibly the most ‘hipstery’ place she’s ever stayed.  Lots of man-buns and arty-looking people lounging around.  At night-time, it turned into party central. On Sunday she headed west to Southall, a very Indian part of London, which is always great fun to visit – it feels like you’ve stepped into a different world, with the smell of delicious Indian food everywhere, lots of different languages being spoken, street stalls with unrecognisable fruit and veg. The shopfronts are filled with colourful saris, every shade of glittering golden fabric you can imagine, and lots and lots of sparkle and glitz! It sounds magical.

Holly went to a ‘Drink and Draw’ event on Monday night in WigWam, which involved grabbing a pint and spending the evening doodling! Poems written by São Paulo teens as a way for the community to overcome the violence they face day to day are handed out. It’s then up to you create art inspired by their words which are then sent to the poets as an act of solidarity to let them know their words are being heard somewhere. We all love the sound of this.

Forever showing the rest of us up with her active lifestyle, Emily endured the less than lovely weather and took a spin up Howth hill on her newly mended bike. On reaching the top, she tells us the views are worth the cycle. We’ll take her word for it!

On the Screen

Ciara has started season two of The Crown and is totally enamoured by Clare Foy, Matt Smith and the clothes. Oh, the clothes.

Emily went to see The Post and loved it. Meryl stars. Need we say more? She actually had a Meryl filled week having also watched The River Wild with friends on Friday. We think every week should be a Meryl filled week.

Niamh decided to watch The Late Late Valentines Special on Friday night with low expectations but in the end found it super entertaining, if at times a little cringe. Her favourite moment was the old couples they had on – ‘an absolute howl.’ Only in Ireland!

And in the most exiting news of the week, Ciara’s little girl took her first steps on Saturday! We’re all delighted and can’t wait to have her strutting around the office some day very soon.

That’s it from #TeamAlice this week. Let us know some of your recommendations!

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