#TeamAlice were on the move last weekend having great adventures for St Patrick’s Day – we were scattered to the four corners! Emily was in Edinburgh, Niamh in Liverpool, Martina was whisked away to Meath for a birthday treat, Elaine was in Cork and Nelly went exploring in Wales!

Out and about:

Between St Patrick’s Day, the rugby match, and being away for the weekend, we’ve really had a lovely few days. Niamh was pleasantly surprised by Liverpool as a city. The weather wasn’t great so they took shelter in various pubs and eateries. Sounds terrible!

Our intern Nelly is continuing her adventures and took off to Wales last week and visited Conwy and Holyhead, which she said were both gorgeous. She also really enjoyed watching the Dublin St Patrick’s Day parade.

Our very own Eva was participating in the St Patrick’s day parade in Dublin with the Dublin Cycling Campaign. Though she “had a bit of an odyssey getting there” –  she got a puncture en route and had to find a Dublin Bike. It was a bit of a struggle then to get past the parade route to the starting point, but well worth it in the end!

Photo: Miren Samper

Emily arrived in Edinburgh early on Friday morning, staying in an Airbnb right on the Royal Mile! Again, the weather wasn’t great but they made the most of it and went for a massive full Scottish breakfast in the gorgeous Southern Cross Café on Cockburn Street and then wandered up to the Castle.

adventures After the castle they went to ‘Camera Obscura and World of Illusions’ which she said was good fun. The rest of the afternoon then was spent toasting our national saint, while Saturday was spent exploring the old part of the city and watching the match with all the Scots! And on her return journey, poor Emily had to queue in the airport alongside the entire Italian rugby team!

Martina was celebrating her birthday and began the festivities at The Bowery where she went to see Ham Sandwich. She said they were great and she really liked the venue.

AdventuresOn Saturday, she went to Bellinter House in Meath for two days of pampering.  Though the weather wasn’t great, they managed to get in a stint in the outdoor hot-tub and spent lots of time relaxing in the lovely drawing room, playing pool in the games room, eating, drinking and getting treatments in the spa. It sounds ideal!

On the plate:

AdventuresThere was much eating and drinking with the weekend that was in it. Elaine had a delicious brunch in ‘The Rendezvous’ in Cork, while Emily sampled Scottish breakfasts galore and Niamh had delicious looking mojitos in Liverpool. Adventures

Niamh was also off on Monday and her adventures continued. She went to Cinnamon for lunch, just to ease herself back into reality. She had a nice toastie and soup, and a little bit of cake…well, she was still on her holidays!

Emily had some gorgeous Mexican food while in Edinburgh and finished the night in a traditional little Scottish pub talking to the very typical Scottish owner. He was in his full kilt regalia, including the dagger in his sock!

On Friday Martina went to Union 8 – her local restaurant in Kilmainham – for a birthday brunch and then on  then to Druid’s Glen for some birthday cake later in the afternoon and had friends over for drinks that night. Her sister Gill, made her a fab carrot cake for her birthday. Seemingly it was demolished before they got any photographic evidence of it! (Well done Gill!)

On Monday, they went to visit Newgrange, but it was jammed and they didn’t have three hours to wait until the next available tour, so just went to the lovely (and equally jammed!) Maguire’s Cafe beside the Hill of Tara for lunch instead.  And then back to Dublin and reality!Adventures

On the screen:

Ireland vs England was the talk of the weekend and we all tuned in for what ended up being an amazing day at the Aviva. We were all very proud of the team and, with it being St Patrick’s Day and a few of us being away, we were feeling quite patriotic! Will we ever forget Luke McGrath’s kick to the corner in the 77th minute? Hair raising stuff! Magic!

Niamh watched the match in an Irish bar where there was one lone English man, who left very swiftly after the game finished. She said there was a great buzz!

In complete contrast, she has just finished watching series one of Happy Valley. She loved it and was completely hooked, and actually even ended up having a dream (maybe a nightmare?!) that she was living in the Valley!

Despite her adventures in Co. Meath, Martina still managed to catch the semi-final of Dancing With The Stars, and was gutted that her fellow Tipp native Dayl was kicked off.  She said it was blatant GAA-voting by the close-knit clans of Kerry! She’s not bitter…at all!Adventures

On the page:

Both Elaine and Niamh are reading ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ and Martina is still getting through the biography of Paul Simon, which she said is disappointing as it isn’t very well written. Emily is also still making her way through The Goldfinch.

That was our adventures for this week – how about you? What did you get up to? Let us know about your recommendations, we’d love to hear from you!

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