There’s a grand stretch in the evenings and despite the fact that we’re still trying to catch up on our hour lost on Sunday, we’re putting the extra time and light to good use!

This week we’ve enjoyed Mother’s Day, cycles, barbecues and flea markets and it’s all here for you to enjoy.

Out and about:

Mother's Emily was feeling being very active this week and on Saturday she went along to St Anne’s Park in Clontarf and did the parkrun there – she’s done it a few times there, there’s usually a couple of hundred people taking part and there’s always a great atmosphere around. Not only that but she got a new PB! Well done Emily!

Regular #WhatTickled readers will know of Emily’s grá for her new bike. She took a spin out to Bull Island for a bit of sea air after her run, and then went there on Tuesday evening too – we’re all very impressed here!

Photo: Dublin Flea Instagram

On Sunday she went to Dublin Flea Market in Newmarket Square with a couple of friends in the glorious weather. It was packed, but had great tunes and a brilliant atmosphere…and delicious falafels! She’s a regular at the Flea Market and in the past she’s picked up some great gems, like her beloved leather satchel which she uses daily and was only €30, and a cool chair she has in her room.

Martina celebrated her cousin Don’s confirmation on Saturday, and his parents hosted a lovely party afterwards, so she got to see all  her lovely aunts and uncles.

Mother'sSunday saw a lot of the Alice Team heading home to celebrate their mammies on Mother’s Day. Martina was in Tipp for the weekend and had nice catch-up time with different family members and treated her mother to a meal in La Campagne in Kilkenny for Mother’s Day and a lovely al fresco drink in the River Court afterwards, making the most of the sunshine.

Emily didn’t make it home for Mother’s Day – but will make the journey this weekend to make up for it.

Niamh was at home in Carlow on Sunday for Mother’s Day and spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking – all her siblings seemed to be very busy so she was left to cooking duty. Lucky Mammy Breathnach!

Our intern Anne  surprised her lovely mum with a card, which she wasn’t expecting at all as Mother’s Day isn’t until 8th May in Germany so Anne is picking up extra brownie points this year!

Mother'sAnne was on holiday last week and took some time with her boyfriend to explore Dublin together as she hadn’t seen a lot of the city so far.

On Thursday and Friday they headed west to Galway, and cycled around and relaxed in the sun at Silverstrand. She really fell in love with Galway and they wished they had more time there.

They explored the city and its winding streets and tried out lots of great restaurants and places to eat, and although they found it expensive, they enjoyed the whole experience. Anne is still getting to grips with the Irish climate and can never figure out whether to wear shorts or wellies! Her nose is slightly out of joint as she is hearing from her friends and family back home about the 25 degree weather they are having!

Mother'sOn the plate:

On Sunday Elaine was treated to a lovely breakfast in bed, complete with flowers cut from the garden. The afternoon was spent living it up in the sunshine having the first barbecue of the year with all the family for Mother’s Day. Jim cooked up a storm!

Eva was at the Green Party Convention in Waterford last weekend and while she was there she had one of the best sandwiches of her life at a place called Burzza. Burzza is a burger/pizza place (hence the name!) where they toast their lunch sandwiches in the pizza oven – apparently it’s pretty special! Unfortunately she ate it before she remembered to take a picture, but luckily they have a twitter account where we can look and drool…#nom.Mother's

Niamh caught up with some college friends and they we went to KOH for dinner. She had eaten there before but said it was delish! It’s rare that they can coordinate more than three college buddies to be in the same place at the same time, so they did really well with five this time and enjoyed it all the more as a result.

On the page:

Mother's Elaine has just finished ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ by Anthony Doerr and she really enjoyed it. It is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel which tells the story of two people, one French, one German, growing up through World War 2, whose paths eventually cross. Everyone in the book club found it hard to get in to at the beginning but all were glad they persevered. She is moving on to ‘Set This House in Order’ by Matt Ruff. It is about a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Mother'sOn the lighter side of life, Eva has been reading ‘Decline and Fall’ by Evelyn Waugh – author of her favourite novel ‘Brideshead Revisited’. It’s a social satire set in 1920’s England about a student who gets expelled from Oxford University and tries to mix with high society. Light reading, witty and very entertaining. And if you don’t want to read it, the BBC has done a screen adaptation which begins on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday.

On the screen:

Mother'sEva just started watching new HBO show Westworld. It’s based on a 1970’s science fiction movie of the same name and stars Rachel Evan Wood, Thandie Newton and Anthony Hopkins. The visual effects are slick, there’s a great cast and she’s glued to see what happens next!

Mother'sEmily started watching the documentary ‘Pumping Iron’ on Netflix – a friend recommended it to her and she’s finding it hilarious. It’s about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the body building scene in the 70s. The style is gas and she says they’re all absolutely horrible looking, but she’s finding it fascinating! She’s also loving the last season of Girls on HBO and is sad that it’s the end of an era now that it’s winding up.

Martina has been binge watching the new season of ‘Nashville’ and is really enjoying it.

But the real talk of the TV was of course the winner of the ”Dancing with the Stars‘ finale, also know in Alice PR as “The TV Travesty”.  We all thought that Aoibhín and Denise were super throughout the series and that it was an absolute outrage that neither of them won. Emily said she’ll never get over it calling him the Kerry usurper, akin to Trump and Brexit. Steady!


Have you any recommendations that you’d like to share? If so we’d love to hear from you. Simply post them in the comments section below.


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