Summer is finally arriving in Dublin and surrounding areas. The weather is heating up, putting everyone in great form. People are relaxing and unwinding all over the country – including us! Martina took things easy; spending time at home and catching up with friends and TV, Anne is prepping for her return to Germany, Emily was lolling about at her parents’ house in Tipp, Niamh was living it up at LitFest in Ballymaloe, Eva enjoyed a stroll and learning about the Dodder and Elaine got her first swim of the season in!

Out and About:

Dublin SummerMartina had a blissfully quiet weekend for the first time in ages. She visited Ciara on Saturday morning, to join in the celebrations for her son Jack’s science themed 3rd birthday.  She also got to spend lots of quality cuddle time with the latest member of #TeamAlice – baby Doireann!

Meanwhile on Saturday, Anne spent the day researching where to go on holidays, and booked a trip to Nice! She is flying home to Germany today after spending three months interning here with us, and we’ll all really miss her around. She’s been an absolute blast to work with! We suspect she won’t miss us quite as much when she jets off with her boyfriend for a summer break in Nice on Monday, though! We all had a night out last night to say goodbye to her, and we were also joined by our lovely Northern Irish colleague, Louise, and we all headed out into the sunshine for a drink in the Bernard Shaw beer garden, followed by a feast in Richmond, and some more drinks at the Odeon! 

Summer DublinNiamh was off down the country in the very lovely Ballycotton for the weekend. Her friend Claire is from there and Ballymaloe LitFest was on, so they went down for the night on Saturday. She said it was fab! It was a festival of food, music, cooking demos, talks, and more! They went to the ‘Big Shed’ on Saturday night where Aoife McElwain of Sing Along Social hosted an ‘ABBA Vs Fleetwood Mac Sing-Along – lots of fun was had!

The Sing Along was followed by Aoife McElwain’s husband, the DJ Nialler9 who played until the end of the night.  She said he was great, as always and the closing tune was Riverdance which her friend Kathleen described as (not at all dramatic!) “pure utopia”!

Summer DublinEva spent Saturday at a local May Fair in Stillorgan at St. Brigid’s National School. She had a good rummage around the book stall and found ‘The Best of Miriam Lord’ for a euro – a bargain you can’t argue with! She spent a lovely summer Sunday on a walk down the River Dodder, guided by Eamon Ryan and learned loads of facts about the history and ecology of the river.

Summer DublinEmily enjoyed a cycle at home down near “The Dark Road” (sounds ominous!) on Saturday evening – great to get out on the country roads!

Summer DublinElaine too spent much of the time enjoying the weather in Brittas Bay, making an improvised water slide in the garden for the kids and having her first swim of the summer season. Brrrrr!

On the screen:

Martina finished the new series of ‘Masters of None’ at the weekend, and is in withdrawal from that now, while Elaine finally watched the last episode of Mad Men. It was absolutely superb, from start to finish and she thought it wrapped up really nicely without that feeling of being cheated which can sometimes happen with great series.

Summer Dublin Eva saw a Norwegian disaster movie at the weekend called ‘The Wave‘.  Like with most disaster films, she said it’s a little silly, but definitely entertaining!

In the headphones:

Martina has started listening to the Cinemile podcast . Dave and Cathy are an Irish married couple living in London, who record their podcast on their weekly trips to and from the cinema. They talk about their expectations for the movie on their way and then review it on their way home.  It’s all very casual, and short and snappy, each episode is only about 15-20 minutes long) and she recommends it!

Emily started listening to the ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno‘ podcast and says it’s hilarious! So much so that she’s feeling slightly self-conscious of looking a bit mad laughing out loud on her summer walks! She’s only two episodes in but definitely enjoying it so far –  she says it’s great if you’re in need of a laugh.

On the plate:

Summer DublinNiamh said the food at LitFest was delish and there was lots to choose from – local produce was a big hit on the day. On Saturday evening they had a Korma by Green Saffron and on Sunday they went  back for the cure so they opted for a toasted cheese and chorizo sambo with onion marmalade – exactly what the doctor ordered! All in all – LitFest comes recommended and is also a great excuse for a jaunt to Cork!

Summer DublinElaine was dining out in Hang Dai at the weekend with her husband Jim and their friends Justin and Mitts. The much anticipated meal did not disappoint (although they could have done without seeing the actual cooked ducks head!). They indulged in Beijing Wood Fired Duck, Lacquered Aubergine, Pork Dumplings  and a lot more besides and the décor and atmosphere was great.

We couldn’t let Anne go without a celebratory meal out! As we said above, we went along to Richmond last night. The food was delicious and the service was great, as was the wine – we’d all highly recommend a visit there!

Emily got treated royally at home again last weekend and Mammy Brennan cooked up a storm. She had salmon and homemade tartar sauce and mashed potato on Friday, followed by coffee cake, and on Saturday they had roast lamb and root vegetables, followed by strawberry pavlova and more coffee cake! They also went old school summer with a bit of ice-cream and wafers that evening, courtesy of her dad!

On the page:

Emily finished reading ‘The Girls’ and really enjoyed it, although she found the subject matter quite grim . It’s about a fourteen-year-old girl in California who gets caught up in a Manson-esque cult due to a new found friendship. She comes very close to being involved in a murder, and the book charts how it affects the rest of her life, in particular her relationship with the girl who introduced her to the cult in the first place. She says it’s a good read and she’s now moving on to ‘Cows’ by Dawn O’Porter as recommended by Niamh – no pressure Niamh!

That’s it for ‘What Tickled Alice’ this week. If you got up to anything interesting or have any recommendations, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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