What tickled Alice this week? Well, it’s been a hectic but fun week, and it doesn’t end here. We’re looking forward to heading along to Career Zoo tomorrow and we put together our ‘Top Tips on how to get the most of your day’ here. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

In the meantime we’ve been looking back at our week and discussing what tickled us!

On the screen:


Elaine finally made it out of the Wicklow hills and she went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby in Dundrum on Saturday. Tickled? She almost died laughing, and what made it funnier was the sound of hundreds of women laughing helplessly at the antics on screen. Highly recommended and great fun!


Our summer intern Jenna Croymans put together a piece about the influence of media on the American presidential election, and really, you’d have to be living under a rock to avoid the coverage and spoof videos. One of our favourites to surface over the last week was the “cover” of “I’ve had the time of my life”. It is absolutely genius but we’ll never look at ‘Dirty Dancing’ in the same way again!

We are also blown away by the thought provoking videos being produced by the charity sector. Both Oxfam and the Peter McVerry Trust have launched brilliant videos in the last week.

Oxfam’s video captures how people react to being asked to foot someone else’s bill. The video aims to encourage people to sign the petition to #MakeTaxFair.

The Peter McVerry Trust beautifully moving video captures the devastation of being faced with homelessness. Take a moment and watch ‘These Little Things’ highlighting just how important our keys can be.

On the page:

poems_to_learnFollowing up on our last ‘Tickled’ blog and the realisation that getting to read a novel any time soon is increasingly unlikely, Ciara has been delving in to poetry. She has been reading ‘Poems to Learn by Heart’ by Ana Sampson. Described as “An anthology to warm the coldest heart or charm the least romantic soul”, Ciara says it’s way easier to dip in and out of than a novel and she’s even reading it to her little boy Jack at bedtime. Sounds perfect!

On the table:

trocAgain, Elaine really had a night out and enjoyed a fab meal at The Trocadero. It was such a treat to get out, and not in to taking risks with a precious night away, The Troc always comes up trumps – fabulous surroundings and atmosphere, delicious food and the best staff in Dublin. Ten out of ten!

Out and about:


Martina and Emily went to see Jean Michel Jarre in the 3 Arena on Monday night. Seemingly sounding “remarkably fresh” at 68, Jarre had crowds on their feet for his finale, ‘The Time Machine’. A great night had by all!

That’s what tickled Alice. What about you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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