Despite the unseasonable weather #TeamAlice have been enjoying some gigs, grub and gallivanting. This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Out and about:

#TeamAliceHalf of #TeamAlice headed along to Forbidden Fruit over the weekend and despite the trench-foot inducing conditions, they enjoyed it no end! Emily had wanted to see The Staves live for a long time now and seemingly they did not disappoint. They were Niamh’s highlight too.

Martina and Emily both enjoyed heading along to Bloom. Emily was joined by her mother, and they loved the show gardens!

On the plate:

Emily and her sisters treated her mum to a belated Mother’s Day afternoon tea at The Westin and said it was fab – the best afternoon tea in Dublin according to her sisters, who have been to a few! They recommend the ‘Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea, instead of tea or coffee you get a teapot of a gin cocktail!

Emily also tried out the Brú House in Fairview on Sunday which, she says, is a great spot for craft beer and a daycent burger.

#TeamAlice Martina has discovered her inner-baker and baked banana bread for the first time ever this week for a pre-Forbidden Fruit brunch on Monday, and it was a big hit.  She had some mixture left-over, and made a second cake with it, which was less successful – but it didn’t stop Emily, Niamh & co from devouring it post-gig!

Niamh enjoyed a delish brunch in Farmer Browns – she ordered the Breakfast Salad under Emily’s recommendation and it didn’t disappoint.

On the screen:


We all loved this sketch that we saw during the week. Though it’s actually a sketch from 2016, it resurfaced this week following Theresa May’s comments on human rights. It stars Patrick Stewart and is based on a Monty Python sketch.


John went along to see Wonder Woman over the weekend and said it’s amazing! He said it’s about time we had a kick-ass female superhero! #GirlPower


John has been binging ‘House of Cards’ which he said is fantastic and Elaine is still motoring through the boxset of ‘The Sopranos’.#TeamAlice

Elaine and John both watched the #OneLove benefit concert which they both found very moving. Ariana Grande was more than impressive, keeping the whole thing going with her hugely impressive and powerful voice. John has since become even more obsessed with her!

#TeamAliceElaine and Niamh been following Conor McPherson’s three part drama / thriller ‘Paula’ on BBC/RTE. It’s very grim, and both said it feels weird to say they’re enjoying it considering they spent about half of each episode with their heads behind a pillow / hiding behind the couch / in another room! It’s utterly terrifying but gripping nonetheless and Denise Gough who plays lead character is amazing in it.

In the headphones:

Eva’s been listening to more podcasts and thought this episode of the Hidden Brain podcast was fascinating: Ep. 68: Schadenfacebook: In it they explore the psychological effects that social media and FOMO has on us – ironically, actually making us miss out. Definitely worth a listen.

Looking forward to…

Elaine is looking forward to heading along to Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Donnybrook, Martina is going to head along to see ‘Wonder Woman’ on John’s recommendation.

Beofre we go – we loved this article in the Irish Independent listing out Ireland’s number one Leaving Cert hits down through the years!

That’s it for ‘What Tickled Alice’ this week – please let us know what you have been up to and if you’ve any recommendations. We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend. From all at #TeamAlice!

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