The past three months have absolutely flown by, and we are all really sad to say goodbye to our wonderful intern, Anne. She’ll be missed! Anne finished up last Friday to return to Germany, but left us with this blog post about her experiences here….

Three months have passed since I wrote my first blog post about PR clichés, and I can’t believe my time in Dublin is over and I’ve had to say goodbye! When you’re a child, adults tell you to enjoy every moment because as you grow older, the years fly by. It turns out they were right!

The past few months at Alice PR have been some of the best of my life, I enjoyed every moment! I’ve never been away from home for such a long time before, and I learned a lot about myself, Dublin and the whole country. Three months was the perfect amount of time for me to become familiar with the work that goes on at Alice PR and to get to know the clients.  From the outset I was given the opportunity to learn about a wide range of sectors, such as the workings of the Government, not-for-profits, women’s rights, culture, and I was given the chance to support the work of the wider Alice team as much as possible. This internship here at Alice PR was my first proper experience of PR, so every day was a new learning experience, which sometimes was a bit exhausting!

Deciding to come to Dublin from Germany was a jump into the deep-end for me, not knowing anybody or anything about the city before I came here. It’s a strange feeling now that I’ve packed my bags, left Dublin and said goodbye to my routine of the past few months, but I’ve left this country with amazing experiences and memories – highlights being exploring Ireland’s beautiful landscape and meeting the friendliest people ever!

But the biggest highlight for me was working with Martina, Emily, Niamh, Eva and Elaine – an absolute delight. I found the team, the work that they’re doing and the clients that they’re working with inspiring.

Every day I walked from where I was staying in Marino into the Alice office, and I became really familiar with the streets of Dublin – some of them in areas that have seen a lot of social difficulties. They still managed to put a smile on my face though, and one thing I learned in Dublin was not to judge a book by its cover, something which I feel I also learned through my work at Alice PR. I feel like I am a better person after these few months and the work I undertook at Alice with some of the clients really helped me to open my eyes and view the world in a different way. This internship was about a lot more than just PR. Learning the theory of PR in university is so different to what it is like in practice, and my time here helped to increase my knowledge in so many ways. Even undertaking media ringarounds, (which I really didn’t enjoy!), helped to increase my confidence in discussing a whole range of topics in another language.

One thing though that I never got used to however was the traffic, both on the footpaths and the roads! In Germany, you’re penalised if you cross the street when the pedestrian lights are red, in Ireland – no one cares! I soon gave up waiting once I realised how long it takes for the pedestrian lights to go green! Walking down the street, I sometimes thought I was going to be taken out by people walking with such purpose – no one can get them off track!

But these are only minor grumbles, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend three months. So – thank you #TeamAlice, and thank you Ireland!


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