Words like ‘hectic’ spring to mind when we reflect on this week here at #TeamAlice so we’ve been practising self-care with powerful movies, provoking reads and the occasional nibble – it’s your weekly #WhatTickled!

On the Screen

Mudbound – Martina thought this was a really powerful film and definitely worth the watch!

Is it Still the Same – RTE’s documentary on the life of Irish poet Eavan Boland is unmissable TV, according to Emily. Interesting and insightful, this documentary comes highly recommended – not least because it documents Boland’s friendship with the majestic Mary Robinson!

On the Plate

Sussex Restaurant – above O’Brien’s pub in Leeson Street, Martina thinks this restaurant is a great place to bring parents or anybody somewhat conservative in their food choices as it offers up good Irish food to satisfy all bellies!

Wow Burger – Emily finally discovered where Wow Burger got its name. Their back to basic approach won a big WOW! from her – as did their must-try garlic chips which are smothered in garlic butter.

Momoichi – Niamh’s highlight from her trip to Prague was undoubtedly the treats on offer at this delightful café! Her description of a paper roll stuffed with prawns, fresh herbs, carrot and smothered in satay dressing has us all drooling! It was so delicious she had devoured it before she could take any photographic evidence!

On the Page

Men Explain Things to Me – For the week that’s in it, Holly has been reading Rebecca Solnit’s collection of feminist essays and is thoroughly enjoying it! Solnit’s ability to weave together narrative, fact and her relatable experiences as a woman is mesmerising and inspiring – Holly finishes each chapter with a renewed sense of indignation and empowerment!

The Dry – Elaine has been reading this novel by Jane Harper which, set in a parched Australian community, follows Aaron Falk as he returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood best friend and his family in what is assumed to be a murder-suicide. Falk and the local detective question what really happened and if there is more to the case than meets the eye – with such an introduction, its unsurprising Elaine is hooked!

The Temporary Gentleman – A heartbreaking read about how alcohol, poor communication & world events tore a couple’s love apart, Martina devoured Sebastian Barry’s novel in two days straight which is enough of a recommendation – if one ever needs a recommendation to read Sebastian Barry!

That’s just about it from us here at #TeamAlice. We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week spent celebrating the exceptional women in your life and pull out all the stops for the ultimate woman in all our lives (our iconic Irish mammy) on Sunday!


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