We’ve all been hearing for a few years now that video is essential to successful PR and marketing campaigns. But just why is video so important and how can you create great videos?

Here are some stats that demonstrate the dominance of video content online:

  • YouTube attracts 1.5 billion viewers EVERY DAY – across 86 countries and 76 languages. It’s owned by Google, so having strong YouTube content can help with your search-engine rankings.
  • Over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 40 per cent of content on YouTube is watched via mobile devices.
  • Despite YouTube’s early dominance, however, Facebook has become the most impactful social channel for video in recent years. With two billion people using Facebook every month, it’s the largest social network in the world. Facebook is rated the most impactful platform for video – 8.4 times more than any other social media channel.

So, the bottom line is that video is important and you should be creating some. Don’t know how? Worry not – here are our top tips for great video production:

1. Know your subject

I’m always banging on about this, but I’ve done so many videos with companies who don’t know how to explain their business and why their product / service is of value to their potential customers. Very often, business owners and employees are so wrapped up in what they do that they can’t see the woods for the trees. So, before beginning your video, scribble down your business offering in three or less bullet points, outlining what your company does and what you are promoting – short and snappy is key with video.

2. Keep it short

With that in mind, keep it short. People’s attention spans are reducing, and you need to keep things snappy in order to get your point across without losing the audience. One minute and 30 seconds is an ideal length for an online video promoting your business.

3. Keep it simple

Don’t over-complicate stuff – you don’t need fancy graphics, or background music. A video with clean, uncomplicated transitions is the way to go. Content is key – so if you nail the points you want to make (know your subject!) and you use simple software to edit your video, you’re pretty much there.

4. Easy-to-use kit

Use equipment that you are familiar with. Don’t invest in expensive cameras and lighting that you don’t know how to use. If you are used to using your phone camera, use that – but maybe invest in a lapel mic instead of using the phone’s mic. You can pick up a decent quality lapel mic for under €50. A video is only as good as its audio, so find a good, quiet and well-lit spot to shoot your video.

Similarly, use simple editing tools: Premier, Lightworks, and HitFilm are all easy to use and there are plenty of ‘How To’ videos on, you guessed it, YouTube!

5. Upload, share and repeat

Once you are happy with the content and quality of your video, you need to get it online and share it. There is no point investing all that time creating a great video if it gets lost in the 500 hours of daily uploads on YouTube. So share it across all your social media channels and your website; and embed it in your newsletters – and then make some more videos! Try to have a regular schedule of content – weekly or monthly – that subscribers / customers will look forward to receiving.

Alice PR regularly provides training in online marketing, including basic video productions skills. To find out more contact us.

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