Roses are red, violets are blue,
Here’s what tickled Alice,
Tell us, what tickled you?

It’s Valentine’s week and we’re feeling loved-up and romantic. There’s been plenty of chocolate, weekends away and cards too!

Out and about this Valentine’s week:

We have a very international feel to our blog this Valentine’s week – Team Alice have been travelling far and wide – London, Berlin & Melbourne!

One of our new interns, Nelly, from Florida, spent her first proper weekend in Ireland travelling to the beautiful surrounds of Killarney. She took off by train and explored Ross Castle, did some hiking and generally had a blast. We’re super-impressed that she’s been so pro-Valentine'sactive about getting out and about and exploring the country!

Eva just got back from Melbourne where she celebrated her brother’s wedding by the lakeside in Daylesford, Victoria where they had heavenly weather and a beautiful day. They spent one of the last nights of the trip there on a Rooftop Cinema in Cookie, watching Amelie. She had forgotten loads of the little quirky parts to that movie and definitely recommends a re-watch!

Martina spent the weekend in London, living it up in the fabulous surrounds of the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.  The highlight of the weekend was having Stephen Fry sit down at the table next to them while they were having lunch. She managed to restrain herself from taking a selfie!

She did do a spot of shopping in Harrods, which was highly enjoyable – looking at unaffordable and, in some cases, completely ridiculous items eg. a crystal-encrusted toilet brush for the tidy sum of £900! They also had delicious (but somewhat pricey!) fish & chips in the food hall there. Sounds like great fun!

Valentine'sEmily was in Berlin meeting up with friends there. She’s been there a few times already so didn’t do too much touristy stuff, instead she spent some time enjoying hanging around the trendy area of Friedrichshain, checking out the local flea market (she picked up a copy of Alice in Wonderland in German – ‘Alice im Wunderland’!). From there she went on to the area near the Brandenburg Gate on a street called Unter den Linden where a lot of Government buildings, museums and embassies are located, and wandered back to Friedrichshain by the East Side Gallery.

Back at base, team Alice were attending Dublin Tech Summit during the week, read all about it here. Highlights included Jimmy Chamberlain because Eva is the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan ever – though some team members didn’t know who The Smashing Pumpkins are – shock!

Valentine'sOn the plate:

Elaine will fully admit embracing the whole Valentine’s thing – from tacky €2 shop red plastic champagne flutes to flowers and homemade cards. She enjoyed every minute of the Valentine’s breakfast and dinner, which were both normal, everyday occasions with a bit of tack thrown in for good measure!

While on her travels, Eva spent a good bit of time revisiting old haunts from when she used to live there – going to the driving range in Albert Park, followed by an Andrew’s (veggie) burger – which seemingly can’t be beaten. Valentine's

Emily, while in Berlin, spent Saturday just catching up with her friends in the trendy Neukoelln area where they indulged in amazing tapas and enjoyed drinks in a typical Berlin dive bar having lots of conversations in German – she finds beer really helps her fluency! Sunday was spent having gorgeous typical German cheesecake in a very fancy café.

On the screen:

Niamh watched a Monster Calls on Saturday night. It was so good but was quite traumatised by it, she sort of sobbed her way through so she wouldn’t recommend watching if in a fragile state! She also loved Adele at the Grammy’s. It was the highlight of her week.

Last night Elaine watched ‘June Brown at 90: A Walford Legend’ which celebrated the life and work of one of Britain’s most celebrated actors, June Brown, and most loved characters, Dot Cotton, who she played in Eastenders for over 32 years. It was a touching portrayal of the her and contained behind-the-scenes shots and touching tributes as well as insightful moments from June herself. Elaine is now looking forward to reading her biography all the more.

Eva just started watching BAFTA winning ‘Happy Valley’ which is about a kick-ass Yorkshire cop, played by the amazing Sarah Lancashire, who is trying to solve a crime in a small town, while also raising her grandson. So far she’s loving it and really recommends giving it a go.

Though not exactly Valentine’s viewing, Eva also watched the new Sarah Jessica Parker and Sharon Horgan show ‘Divorce’ back to back on the flight home from Oz! She found it really entertaining and has lots of special celeb appearances. Although she found it to be a thoroughly a US show, there’s plenty of Irish craic and banter coming through the script thanks to Horgan which helps shine a slightly different light on divorce than the usual depictions you see on TV. Sounds great! We love Sharon Horgan here (and her wardrobe!) and we’re all looking forward to the return of ‘Catastrophe’ on Channel Four in the coming weeks.

On the page:

Elaine is struggling though ‘I Am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes for her book club. It came highly recommended but she’s finding the writing clumsy and almost cringe-worthy but she’s persevering!

And finally, if you’re not exactly feeling loved-up this Valentine’s week, we’d highly recommend reading this article from The Guardian about an LA couple Morrie (103) and Betty Markoff (100 ) who have been married for 78 years. It would thaw even the coldest of hearts!


That’s what tickled us this Valentine’s week – what about you? If you have any recommendations of great food, place to explore or good food, we’d love to hear from you. Please post them in the comments section below.

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