So we’re all back into the swing of things. Catch up with #TeamAlice in this week’s #WhatTickledAlice. It’s a good’un!

Out and About

On Saturday Emily went up Ticknock mountain with some friends. It was her first time going up there and it’s an easy walk, with some nice views, although the weather was a bit manky! Emily would recommend it for getting your outdoor fix as it’s no distance at all!

Elaine was very pleased to see the arrival of her new niece, baby Lara Irene (named after her Dad (Larry) and Mum (Irene). She arrived into the world safely last Thursday – a much needed boost for Elaine! #TotesEmosh. Elaine had a great old family day out at Funderland on Friday. Thomas and Susan loved it and she said the highlight had to be the water slide which they saved until last. Much fun! She then finished off the season with a family roast to celebrate Nollaig na mBan and say goodbye to the tree and decorations. Elaine then went to watch her brother playing a rugby match in Rathdrum and to help present a cheque for €700 to Rathdrum Cancer Support which was collected at the annual Hound Dogs charity match which takes place annually on St Stephen’s Day. It was the highest amount ever raised at the annual game so she was delighted to be able to make the presentation last Sunday, along with the club members and team!

Eva headed along to the Bowie Ball in the Sugar Club on Saturday as part of the Dublin Bowie Festival. They had an awesome live band and about five different singers covering every decade of Bowie. There were lots of fabulous costumes as well as face-painting and glitter in aid of cancer research. Eva is a MASSIVE Bowie fan so this was right up her street and it’s on her calendar for next year!

On the Plate

After Emily’s trek up Ticknock, she went to Pickles on Sundrive Road for a post-walk sambo – the sandwiches there are unreal, according to Emily. Absolute monsters but so tasty! She had a lovely goats cheese, chicken and pesto one. YUM!

Ellen headed to Neon, one of her fave spots in Dublin! The food is tasty, big portions and reasonably priced. Plus you get to pull an ice cream cone after your meal which is a nice touch! Ellen says she needs to get better at her cone pulling skills, though!

Niamh went to the tapas bar Mimosa in Carlow last week. She said it’s so delicious! Definitely worth a trip if anyone is ever nearby. Nicest tapas she’s ever had (in Ireland)! Now that’s a big statement!

Martina had planned on having a very sedate January after all the Christmas excesses, however, she’s eaten out three times in the last week!! She headed to both Green 19 and Pickle for dinner (on different nights, obviously!), both on Camden Street. Green 19 is such an old reliable – great for a relatively cheap and cheerful bite out, and always very consistent. Pickle is Martina’s favourite Indian restaurant in Dublin – absolutely amazing and really inventive food. Her third meal out was a quick bite of lunch yesterday in her local Kilmainham / Islandbridge café, Storyboard – oh, the perks of working from home! They have quite a limited menu, but it’s all very cool and seems relatively healthy. She had pumpkin on toast, with tahini nut butter and lots of other fancy things!

Today #TeamAlice are heading to The Woolen Mills for lunch to welcome our new interns, Darragh and Holly. Can’t beat a team bonding lunch!

On the Screen

Emily binge watched ‘Lovesick‘ on Netflix which she LOVED – it took her a few episodes before she started liking it but then just couldn’t stop. It’s about three friends in their twenties, and one of them, Dylan, gets diagnosed with chlamydia, so has to call all of his former girlfriends. Each episode is a flashback but it’s very cleverly done, and it’s funny and heartwarming. The episodes are short so a perfect binge watch!

Elaine accidentally came across a film on TG4 on Monday night that she hadn’t seen before. It’s called ‘Fading Gigolo‘  and was written and directed by John Turturro, starring Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Vanessa Paradis, Liev Schreiber and Sofía Vergara. It tells the story of a bookseller (Woody Allen) who hires out his friend (John Turturro), an unassuming florist, as a male escort for a pair of lonely women. It’s funny and an easy watch for a Monday!

Niamh has just started ‘Peaky Blinders‘ and cannot believe it’s taken her until now to get on this bandwagon. She is loving it so far! And she feels there’s a really strong Irish involvement in it too from storylines, actors and even behind the scenes which she wasn’t aware of before, so big thumbs up from Niamh! She also watched the first episode of ‘Derry Girls‘ – the new Channel 4 comedy-drama. It was very easy watching – ideal January TV. Episodes are only 30 minutes long, and there were some great one-liners.

On the Page

Like every girl in Ireland this Christmas, Emily got a present of ‘Oh my God What a Complete Aisling!‘ It’s an easy read and very entertaining, she recognises herself and her friends in lots of the characters!

Elaine is reading a book called ‘A man called Ove‘, which, funnily enough is about a man called Ove! He’s a grumpy yet loveable man who finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door. She’s enjoying it so far!

Niamh has been (very slowly) reading ‘A little Life‘. Liking it so far, but it’s a bit slow. I’ve heard really good things about it though, so looking forward to it gathering momentum.


In the Headphones

Eva has been listening to ‘The Daily’ podcast by the New York Times, she would definitely recommend it! It’s a 20-minute piece about the most pressing news story of the day. It’s so well put together with short, snappy and insightful interviews. Eva has also been listening to the award-winning, ‘Reply All’. The two presenters talk about all things internet and tech culture. The best episode she has heard so far has to be ‘Long Distance’, parts 1 and 2: where one of the presenters deals with a scamming call in the funniest way she’s ever heard.

Martina has started listening to ‘With Relish‘, a food podcast by Aoife Allen and Harry Colley, who both work as chefs in the Fumbally Café. She’s really enjoying it – they cover different topics each episode. She listened to one that was all about Ramadan, and another that was about the Ballymaloe Lit Fest and the importance of “food literacy”. They have excellent guests on for each episode too – there was a great interview with Jack McGarry, owner of The Dead Rabbit in New York, which has been deemed the world’s best pub. Martina would highly recommend it!

Looking Forward…

Elaine watched ‘Miriam’s Big American Adventure‘ and she can’t wait for the second episode. She’s so honest and witty but the fun was counter-balanced with the terrifying state of America and how people view the rest of the world and what they hold dear. Scary!

That’s all from us, folks! Let us know your recommendations in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!




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