We can’t believe it’s Friday already! Which means it’s time for us to share what’s tickled us this past week, from the badass Stella Gibson on The Fall, to delish Indian cuisine at Pickle!

On the screen:

Building Ireland: The second of this six-part series airs tomorrow night at 8:30pm on RTE 1. Last week’s episode focused on Spike Island and the Victorian residential architecture of Cobh. This week features Kilkenny Castle and explores the medieval city.

If you missed out, you can watch the first episode online here.

the-fallThe Fall: You can’t help but be smitten with the force that is Gillian Anderson in this series. The psychological thriller follows a serial killer who preys on victims in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Anderson plays the lead role as a detective drafted from the London Metropolitan Police to catch him. Engaging, grim, but oh so compelling!


The US presidential election: We’ve been glued to the coverage of the US presidential election and the The Guardian’s US Election live blog is particularly enthralling. It has our heads working overtime and Ciara has started crafting Hillary Clinton’s debate answers in her head. trump_clintonOur out-going intern Jenna took some time to jot down her thoughts in a blog on the subject and you can read that here.

On the page:

We’re all very impressed (and a little bit jealous) that Martina is flying through the books! This week’s recommendation comes in the way of ‘Black Baby’ by Clare Boylan. It follows the story of Alice, who paid the nuns half a crown to adopt a black baby from the mission in Africa – but the baby never appeared. Things change when at the age of 67, Dinah comes into her life and the story goes from there. Highly recommended.

Ciara and Elaine are, however, stuck in a loop of repeatedly reading Zog and The Beano and long for the days when they get to be grown-ups again and read a book for themselves!

On the table:    

picWe got to experience Pickle Restaurant, which just picked up the 2016 Food & Wine Magazine award for Best World Cuisine. We can recommend it too – yum!

Elaine was busy making blackberry jam…ten jars to be exact and we can confirm that it has passed the Alice taste test!

Have a great weekend everyone, and let us know in the comments what’s tickled you this week!


Pictures via TVwise.co.uk, and Raj Gosal.

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